KIDS 'WORKSHOP 2018 7.14 (Sat) - 8.26 (Sunday) Welcome genuine experience in real places for children who will lead the future Open classes of about 400 classes at "Hills" in Roppongi Hills and elsewhere in Tokyo!


2008, Roppongi Hills "Kids work started in some stores of the shops " is to expand the yearly scale, summer vacation annual events in the previous year.

This time, which celebrated the 10th anniversary tenant companies and stores, such as the cooperation facility, welcomed the various circles of the expert as a lecturer, a variety of work shops lineup. We will create a place for learning unique to "Hills".

Just for kids who will be responsible for the future a genuine experience in a real place


Category Art & Craft, Cooking, Challenge, Learning, MIRAI SUMMER CAMP, Special
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Roppongi Hills is your application from the WEB site, to the following site access , please. Work shops to get your application in,account registrationIs required. After completing registration, please apply from the application form of each workshop.

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  • Roppongi Hills work get application from outside the WEB site shops are also available.
  • In the case of a large number of applicants, we will decide by lot drawing. The lottery result will be notified by e-mail.
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Application period

First phase

  • Work shops held period: 7/14 (Sat) - 7/29 (day)
  • Application period: 6/23 (Sat) - 7/2 (Monday)
  • Lottery results announcement: July 6 (Friday)

Second stage

  • Work shops held period: 7/30 (Mon) - 8/12 (day)
  • Application period: 7/9 (Monday) ~ 7/17 (Tue)
  • Lottery results announcement: 7/20 (Friday)

Third phase

  • Work shops held period: 8/13 (Mon) - 8/29 (water)
  • Application period: 7/23 (Mon) - 7/31 (Tue)
  • Lottery results announcement: August 3 (Friday)
First come, first served basis

Part of the work shops Nikanshimashite,First come, first served basisWill be accepted.

Cancellation minutes (First come, first served) Application list page is here

  • Since the start date of application is different for each workshop, please check from time to time. (In principle, acceptance will be accepted only at workshops where you can apply three days before the day on which each workshop will fall or the day of the workshop implementation)
Entry fee It becomes a notation with tax.
Recommended age Work shops will be subject to age at the time to join the.

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  • 3rd term application period: 7/23 (Monday) ~ 7/31 (Tue) (8/13 (Monday) ~ 8/29 (Wednesday) shops )