SKY DECK HOURS/FEES/Guest Information

HOURS/FEES/Guest Information

OPENING HOURS 11:00〜20:00
(Last admission: 30 min. before closing time)
ADMISSION Adult, Senior (Ages 65 and over), University / highschool student \500
Child (Age 4 up to Junior highschool student)  \300

※The other of the above admission, admission fee of Tokyo City View ( 1,800 yen ) is required .

[Guest Information]
Sky Deck is an outdoor observation deck located 270 meters above sea level.
For visitors’ safety, the Sky Deck is subject to closure in the event of strong winds, rain, snow, and approaching thunderclouds, abnormally high temperatures, or any other bad weather conditions.

Please read the following to help prevent belongings from being blown off the deck or falling.
We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

-Visitors may bring cameras for commemorative snapshots, mobile phones, and binoculars secured with neck straps onto the Sky Deck. Please, however, place backpacks and all other belongings in the Sky Deck coin lockers (Your coin will be returned when you unlock the locker).

-Before entering, please cooperate with staff as they check for items that may be blown away (You will be asked to place hats, scarves, and other items in the lockers if they are at risk of being blown off the deck).

-Please refrain from taking photographs using tripods, unipods, or selfie sticks.

-The deck has steps. Children unable to walk on their own, people who have difficulty walking, and users of baby strollers and wheelchairs are asked to refrain from entering.

-Please refrain from entering or moving about the Sky Deck while holding a child or with a child riding on your shoulders, as doing so is extremely dangerous.

-Eating, drinking, smoking, and other dangerous actions are prohibited on the Sky Deck. Bringing hazardous materials onto Sky Deck is also prohibited.

-Admission may be restricted during busy periods.

-The management reserves the right to refuse admission in all other cases if found dangerous.

-In the event of an emergency or sudden change in the weather, please evacuate as instructed by the staff.