Activity Report 2013

December 21 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Roppongi Cleanup started from December 2003. It has been 10 years since this month. And this time is the 100th round of holding.
Up to now, about 12,000 people participated.
Everyone who has been cooperating as a leader / sub leader every time, even having been held for 10 years without accident,
I think that it is only with cooperation of many people. I would like to thank you from this heart for borrowing this place.
Roppongi Cleanup will continue for the beautification of the Roppongi / Azabu area,
Moreover, since we aim to expand the community of participants and communities,
We continue to thank you.

There were 123 people who attended such memorable occasions this time. Thank you for your participation in the cold!
In addition, this is the last activity in 2013, so we held the annual social gathering in December.
Were you able to deepen the exchange with people who are cleaning together usually?
At the announcement of the perfect work award, 17 people were awarded this year.
Everyone who worked, others who did not, thank you very much for a year!
Continue to thank you in 2014.

Next time is held on January 18 (Saturday).
We are waiting for everyone's participation!

November 16 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

It has suddenly become warmer in winter these days.
Clean-up in November is a fine day in Japan. We could hold it without worrying about weather for the first time in a while.
Thank you very much for everyone who participated 126 people.

Today NHK's interview entered, it was held in a slightly different atmosphere as usual.
(The airing is scheduled for November 29 (Fri) 19: 30 ~.

Also, surprises for small children today! !
After cleaning, a Starbucks - san delivered an assortment of delicious sweets as a Christmas gift!
(Adults around you to hang around with Yodare w)

Next time will be held on Saturday, December 21.
Since it will be the last activity in 2013, we will hold an annual social gathering.
We will also announce the perfect prize, so please look forward to it!

July 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Since last time was canceled, cleanup in July was held for the first time in 2 months.
I was prepared for harsh activities in recent heat up to abnormal, but today the heat gets relieved ...
Heaven seems to have taken our view!

There were 145 people who participated.
Children's participation was much more than usual this time on the first day of summer vacation, and the clean-up was rejuvened at a stroke (laugh)

Of course, the usual coffee time. Ice coffee after sweating is the best!
Starbucks Coffee, Thank you always!

The next time is normally held on August 17 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your coming!

May 18 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Activities in May were held under the sky of a day of clean-up indeed.
People who participated were 107 people.
Were you helping with a comfortable climate too, many children participated.

The picture of this time is the state of the second group.
Deputy priest of temple, apparel Shops Clerk of, Restaurants Staff, hairdressers, etc ...
It was a rich member!
It is unique in Roppongi Cleanup that you can get to know various people like this.

The next time is normally held June 15 (Saturday). We are waiting for your coming!

April 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

It is cloudy that it is going to rain anytime. But it does not rain. It is different from last year.
The cleanup of this month was also successfully held under the cold weather which is unlikely to be April.
There were 135 people who gathered.

I also felt that there were many new faces, because there was also a start of the new year.
Furthermore, this time it was held in a different atmosphere than usual, as there was also interview of the newspaper.
Everyone, thanks for your hard work during the cold weather!

The next time is normally held on May 18 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your coming!

March 24 (Sun) Clean up Roppongi × Roppongi Cleanup Art Night Special 2013 Held

After the core time of "Roppongi Art Night 2013" held from March 23 to 24,
We also carried out a cleanup activity in collaboration with the party that cleanses Roppongi this year.

After enjoying the art nights, let's clean them with our own hands! And 174 people gathered at 9:30 in the morning.
Some also participated while rubbing the sleepy eyes of All Night.

Departing from Tokyo Midtown, on the way back to Roppongi Hills , I saw the artworks displayed in the streets and enjoyed the cherry blossoms in full bloom, I guess we could have done a different cleanup than usual .

Thank you everyone who participated.

Next month will be held normally on Saturday, April 20th.
We are waiting for your participation!

February 24 (Sun) Flea Market by Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association

On February 24 (Sunday), we held "Flea Market" as part of the reuse activity in FY 2013.

As the first self-governing body to be held for the first time, 22 booths are opened in all, including those living in residences and staff in stores.
Products of various genres such as clothing, miscellaneous goods, secondhand books, etc. were displayed.

Although it was held for the first time and was worried about attracting customers at the beginning, about 200 people were lined up before opening,
At the same time as opening, the venue became a crowd of people in Kuroyama.
Some shops selling most of the goods in the first 30 minutes!

From customers who come and from store shops as well, there are many requests for the next meeting, based on the opinions from you,
I would like to decide the activities of the next fiscal year.

In addition, shopping fee received from the shop owner (total ¥ 33,000 -) will be donated in full for "peach · persimmon raising party".

Thank you very much for everyone who opened the shop, during cold weather!

February 16 (Saturday) Roppongi Cleanup held

Temperature 3 degrees. Roppongi Cleanup in February was held during the stormy season.
How cold it is, so much that nature and tears come in too much cold ...

During that time, 116 people gathered for cleaning up.
Did not everyone catch a cold at a later date?
Thank you very much for your participation.

Well, the next cleanup is scheduled for the annual "Art Night Special".
Date and time: March 24 (Sunday) 10:00 start (9:30 reception start)
Meeting place: Tokyo Midtown

Details will be posted on the homepage of Roppongi Cleanup at a later date, so please check there.
We are waiting for your participation!

Tuesday, January 22 Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2013 New Year's party

January 22 " Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2013 New Year's party" is held at Academy Hills .
About 220 people gathered, including autonomous members, Neighborhood Association Activities participants, and the New Year greetings.

On the day of the event, stall booths appeared due to the cooperation of 8 restaurants in Hills!
Other , there are wine corner by J-WAVE, Inc. , fruit corner of Ibaraki-ichi Market , homemade dish by volunteering executive committee,
It was a very luxurious line-up.

This events which became an annual event of New Year, mainly focuses on the chairpersons of the self-governing associations and the community committee members,
We have set up an executive committee from around the end of November and have prepared it.
Everyone who cooperated this time, thank you very much.

Please continue your favors toward Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association in 2013.

January 19 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Congratulations on your success everyone.

The first cleanup this year is a beautiful sunny day. I was able to make a good start.
The total number of participants was 127. Temperature 4 ℃, the heavy snow of the other day remained, but this time from small children to the elderly,
Many people participated.

Before departing, I went to see a team that did not start easily,
Members of five groups led by leader Nakayama are Photo: . (Photo: left end)
It is the first time to see a group taking a group photo before departing (laugh) It seems that everyone got along well with Sugo!
It was kind of very happy!

Cleanup will be in 10 years this year.
I would like to commemorate fun activities with you all this year as a memorable one!
Thank you again this year.

The next time is normally held on February 16 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation!