Minato disaster prevention festa

Disaster prevention cooperated with Minato-ku and Mori Building First held events

In "Minato Disaster Prevention Festa" aimed at improving the disaster prevention capability of the entire Minato-ku area where approximately 20,000 foreigners live in, which is about 8% of the citizens, we set up 16 types of experiences and exhibition corners. In addition to the explanation in English by Minato International Disaster Reduction Volunteer ( * 1), participants who participated in earthquake disaster countermeasures and disaster prevention by using "friendly Japanese ( * 2)" introduced in local governments nationwide recently We will promote awareness raising and basic knowledge acquisition. In addition, the state-of-the-art "VR disaster prevention car" which can simulate the disaster of earthquake, fire and wind and flood damage equipped with the head-mounted display just started operation in 2018 appears.

  • ※1Interpreter volunteer at the time of emergency calls for Minato - ku for the purpose of providing disaster information to foreign residents and establishing a smooth support system.
  • ※2In the Great Hanshin - Awaji Earthquake of 1995, it was devised as a result of not being able to convey information such as evacuation site location to many foreigners. Even in the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011, attention has again gained attention, and now it is adopted not only in the event of a disaster but also in information dispatch from the administration in normal times.
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Reproduce the situation at the time of a major earthquake by vibration of the seat, splash of water, heat, smell etc.
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Tour to see the disaster prevention function of Roppongi Hills


  • Experience at the time of disaster (VR disaster prevention person, seismic car, rubble rescue exercise, smoke experience, bucket brigade etc.)
  • Disaster prevention knowledge acquisition (Disaster prevention function tour tour of Roppongi Hills , AED experience, initial fire extinguishing experience, etc.)
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Event Date

Sunday, June 17, 2018 (Sun)



Place Roppongi Hills Arena
Fees free entrance

Minato-ku, Mori Building Co., Ltd.

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