The 31st Tokyo International Film Festival in Roppongi Hills

Excellent work gathered from all over the world and 10 days to appreciate topical work as soon as possible. In the carpet event that colors the opening, gorgeous guests from home and abroad will gather at Roppongi Hills Arena. Please enjoy the experiences you can enjoy only during the festival period.



Thursday, October 25, 2018 - November 3 ( Saturday, public holiday )


TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills, Roppongi Hills Arena, Great Roof Plaza, etc.


Opening / GALA screening work / Closing

Opening carpet event

Opening events red car Pets general bleachers ( Roppongi Hills Arena regard standing room), this year is intended for everyone that we received your support in Makuake, we have been invited. Distribution of numbered tickets on the day is not available. events will be held on Thursday, October 25.

Opening work "Ally / Star Birth"

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Ally dreaming of a singer, he meets world singer Jackson. Ally who runs through the stardom in a blink of an instant when it is found talent. They were two who fell in a fierce love, but the glory of Jackson who passed the heyday is slowly beginning to decline.

GALA screening work "Mermaid Sleeping House"

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© 2018 "Mermaid Sleeping House" Production Committee

A couple who was forced to make the ultimate choice in the face of the tragedy of my beloved child - Is it love or desire? Human mystery shocked and impressed the director Tsutsumi Yukihiko will challenge, based on the author's best-selling novel by Keigo Higashino. I can not stop tears at the end of this love.


Award ceremony

Award-winning works will be announced for each department from works screened for 10 days. The Tokyo Grand Prix, the highest prize selected from the Competition category, attracts a lot of attention.

Closing work "GODZILLA the one who eats the stars"

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© 2018 TOHO CO., LTD.

An animation movie "GODZILLA" will have the final chapter. In the last chapter of the trilogy, "The one who eats the stars", the empty god <Gidora> and the king of destruction <Godzilla Earth> finally crash. What is the future that the main character · Haruo sees ----.

Special guests appeared

For guest information,Film festival official websiteIt will be updated from time to time.

Outdoor Screening Special Project: Cinema Athletic 31

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The movie is sports! Sports is a movie! Select a masterpiece sports movie from a wide range and screen it Free every day.

  • October 27 (Sat) 15: 30 ~ "IPC & WOWOW Paralympics · Documentary Series WHO I AM Shingo Kunieda (Japan / Wheelchair Tennis)"
  • October 27 (Sat) 17: 00 ~ "42 man changed the world"
  • October 30 (Tue) 11: 30 ~ "Coach Carter"
  • October 30 (Tue) 14: 30 ~ "Big Wednesday"
  • October 30 (Tue) 18: 00 ~ "Cool Running"
  • Wednesday, October 31st (Wed) 11: 30 ~ "Invictas / those who do not lose"
  • October 31 (Wed) 14: 30 ~ "The Agent"
  • October 31 (Wed) 17: 20 ~ "Ping Pong"
  • November 1 (Thu) 11: 30 ~ "Hang in there! Bears"
  • November 1 (Thu) 14: 30 ~ "Wrestler"
  • November 1 (Thursday) 17: 00 ~ "Dungar surely will get better, [Original version]"

Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup

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We will pick up garbage around Roppongi Hills , the venue of the Tokyo International Film Festival, and we will carry out the cleaning activities so that many guests coming from home and abroad will feel comfortable staying. For those who participated, a film festival clean-up original towel and gloves are gifts. Please participate by all means.

  • Date: October 13, 2018 (Sat)
  • Time: 10: 00 ~ 11: 30 (9:30 reception start)
  • Meeting place: Roppongi Hills Roku-Roku Plaza
  • Participation benefits: Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup We will give you original towel & gloves. (Each has a limited number.)
  • Application deadline: October 10, 2018 (Wednesday)
  • How to apply:
    • [From the Internet]
      ⇒ The application has been closed.
    • [By Tel ]
      03-6406-6383(To Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association Secretariat)
      Organizer: Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Committee

The 31st Tokyo International Film Festival in Roppongi Hills