INNOVATION TOKYO 2018 - AR Playground with Niantic -

We will hold "INNOVATION TOKYO 2018" this year, in line with the "Innovative City Forum" conference that will consider the future of cities and lifestyles held in Roppongi Hills every autumn.
This year we will introduce the present of AR technology (Augmented Reality = augmented reality) with the theme "How to enjoy the city changing with AR". Roppongi Hills develops programs that you can enjoy with the game sensation applying Niantic's latest AR technology that develops and provides games such as "Pokémon GO" and "Ingress" that many people are participating around the world . Please experience "the future visiting world" expressing the latest AR technology as soon as possible.

What is Niantic?

Niantic, independent of Google's Alphabet in 2015, has its headquarters in San Francisco, USA, and based on the idea that the real world becomes more attractive by combining map technology and games, We are developing and offering services centered on three themes: meeting new places, moving the body and "having relationships with other people in the real world".



October 12 (Fri) - October 21 (Sun) in 2018


Roppongi Hills every place ( Mohri Garden , O-Yane Plaza , WEST WALK ,Hills Café/Space



  • Some programs are charged.
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Roppongi Hills General Information

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This time it will be the first time to show off in Japan Neon is a game made as one of Niantic's technology samples. On the back side of a seemingly simple and fun game where you shoot a beam with everyone using a smartphone, state-of-the-art location information and AR technology are used to read in real time what the position is at that moment .

  • Date: Wednesday, October 17 - Sunday 21 October (Sunday) 12: 00-20: 00
  • Place: Large roof plaza

AR Roppongi x INGRESS

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We will projection mapping the world view of "Ingress" to the city model in Tokyo, which has been elaborately reproduced on a scale of 1/1000.
Part of Tokyo model, Roppongi cut out, and the 10-day projection mapping to see how Ingress's portal has changed. A fierce battle of blue "Resistance" and Green "Enlightened" that can only be seen in Ingress's agents, set in real Roppongi, and a number of "contemporary Look at what is happening in the city of Roppongi which continues to change, such as ground painting "by the city model. Also, when looking through Microsoft Hololens, control fields and links emerge on top of a city model with a three-dimensional hologram, and can be immersed in the world of the latest work "Ingress Prime" together with a city model.

  • Date and time: Friday, October 12 - Sunday 21 October (Sunday) 12: 00-20: 00
  • Location: WEST WALK 2F South side rush
  • Cooperation: SOFTBANK CORP., T & S Inc.

What is Ingress / Ingress Prime?

Ingress, using the map information to make the real world a game board, is a work that pioneered real world games. A team of Green Enlightened and Blue Resistance holds team scores by intersecting portals such as real buildings around the world and linking their team's portals to create a triangle. Also, Ingress Prime, which is scheduled to be available in the latter half of October 2018, uses Niantic's latest technology to create a more exciting game, keeping the original SF feeling of the Ingress, including new UI and AR functions It was.

Pokémon GO AR Garden

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© 2018 Niantic, Inc. © 2018 Pokémon. © 1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.

Experience the two kinds of attractions of the real world game application "Pokémon GO"!
Dr. Willow, please do research. Please collect the voice of Pokemon hidden in the Mohri Garden in addition to the voices and sounds of the Pokemon who are hearing from the earphone. AR using an open earphone, enjoy listening to both the natural sound of Mohri Garden and the sign of Pokemon while hearing it. The collected voice pokemon will show you in the end. In addition, there is a corner where you can take realistic pocket stops and photos, and a virtual gym of Mohri Garden that you can climb yourself. Please experience new ways of enjoying through Pokemon and AR.

  • Date and time: October 12 (Friday) to October 21 (Sunday) 12: 00-20: 00 (Saturdays and Sundays from 10: 00-)
  • Location: Mori Garden
  • Cooperation: Pokemon Co., Ltd., Rhizomatiks Research, University of Tokyo, ambie corporation, Softbank Corporation, Lenovo Japan Co., Ltd.
    • With the smartphone game application "Pokémon GO", there are no special Pokemon appearances or events related to this attraction.

What is Pokémon GO?

"Pokémon GO" downloaded over 850 million times in the world is a game playing on the real world itself by making use of the GPS function. You can capture "Pokemon" or battle it, for short, you can abbreviate the mysterious creature "Pocket monsters" with many mysteries. Also, trainers can exchange Pokemon and gifts or challenge the battle together.

TV animation "Ingles" Preceding screening with stage greetings & audio AR experience events

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© "Ingles" Production Committee

From 1 st story to 4 story of TV animation "Inglés" aired on Fuji TV "+ Ultra" from Wednesday 17th October (Wednesday) at 24:55, a special preceding screening before the airing. The ingress of the world by the animation studio Crafter and state-of-the-art, Sakuragi Yutaira supervision of hand to continue to develop new visual representation using the latest technology, production, Performer Please enjoy with our voice.
Also, after the pre-screening session, a sound AR game will be held that allows you to experience the world view of animation, around Roppongi Hills under the direction full of artificial intelligence ADA's immersive feeling.
For participation in screening and audio AR games, please visit the official websitehttp //:

  • Date and time: October 13 (Sat) 13: 30 ~
  • Location: TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills
  • Cooperation: Vascular Corporation, ambie Corporation, Softbank Corporation, Dentsu live Inc.

Makiko Nishimura's Tech & Party!

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"Maeko Nishimura's Tech & Party" held at Toranomon Hills Café ! "Will be held as INNOVATION TOKYO special version. Please enjoy a special day talk session with luxury guests.

  • Date: October 17 (Wednesday) (1) 18: 30 ~ 19: 50, (2) 20: 00 ~ 21: 20
  • Place:Hills Café/Space
  • Moderator: Mariko Nishimura (Representative Director / Producer, HEART CATCH Co., Ltd.)
  • Fees : advance sale (with 1 drink) ¥ 1,500 (tax included) / the day (with 1 drink) ¥ 2,000 (tax included)
    • Seats are sitting on a first-come-first-served basis. If it is full, it will be standing, so Please note that
  • URL:

Special talk session (1)


"Artists, AR cities to explore from a start-up perspective"

Contemporary artist Love Hasegawa and Katsuaki Hayashi, a map of new cities with performing arts, cultivate eyes to see new cities in the guests.

  • Date and time: Wednesday 17th October 18: 30 ~ 19: 50
  • Speaker: Ai Hasegawa (contemporary artist), Katsuaki Hayashi (ZAS Corporation)
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Special Talk Session (2)


"Infrastructure you understand with your ears, can we become a bat?" "

A smart speaker rise, and in 2018, auditory information gets a lot of attention.
Vacuque creative director Hara Hara and Nishimura Takki ask the possibility of sound in infrastructure and entertainment.

  • Date: Wednesday, October 17 (Wed) 20: 00 ~ 21: 20
  • Speaker: Hara Nobuo (Director of Vacuule Co., Ltd. / Lead Experience Director), Nishimura Takinori (SC EN T Creative Director)
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