Facility usage guidance


Regarding the use of Roppongi Hills Arena, please click here.

Usage rules

From application to contract enactment

  1. Please indicate the purpose and contents of use when applying. Depending on the purpose of use, we may refuse to use, so please Please note that
  2. We will accept temporary holdings on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, but we will consider it as a maximum of one week. Depending on the situation, it may not be accepted.
  3. After filling in the necessary items on the prescribed application form to be sent from us, we will make a decision, the contract will be concluded at the time of submitting.
    When you can not return within 10 days from sending application form, we may cancel it.

About payment of venue usage fee

  1. About basic venue usage fee

    The invoice will be sent in two categories: 1-1. Fund (50% of venue usage fee) and 1-2.
    1-1. Payment will be made within 10 days from the contract date.
    1-2. Please pay the remaining balance by 7 bank business days prior to your use day.

    • In payment, I hope in all bank transfer.
  2. About settlement of various expenses

    Various expenses such as supplementary facility use fee, extra time extension fee, etc. must be paid within 2 weeks based on the settlement request after payment on the last day of use.
    (The transfer fee will be borne by the user side.)

  3. Bank accounts

    Bank / branch name: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
    Transfer first branch
    Account No.: Currently 9500214
    Name: Molyville

Canceling an application [Cancel]

  1. Penalties will be incurred as stipulated in separate paragraphs when canceling use due to circumstances of the user after contract.
  2. Actual expenses occurring at the time of cancellation of use will occur separately from the penalty fee.

Meeting before use

  1. When you have finished your contract, please do a meeting such as time schedule, venue composition, lighting · sound · construction plan, security plan etc with the person in charge of the venue.
  2. Please complete the final meeting ten days in advance of the date of use, submit the final construction drawing, blueprint drawing, electric drawing etc, and submit it to relevant government offices as well.

Report to related government agencies

  1. When you hold, it is necessary to submit an application for fire prevention object use start, application for cancellation of prohibited behavior, a notification form of action that may hinder fire-fighting activities, and so on. Since the application form is prepared in the arena management office, fill out the required matter, seal it and submit it to the following fire department at the following fire department 10 days in advance, along with the final construction drawing
    (Azabu Fire Department) Tel:03-3470-0119
  2. If you think it is necessary for safety inside and outside the venue, please contact the nearest police station (Traffic Division, Security Department) in advance to request cooperation.
    (Azabu Police Station) Tel:03-3479-0110
  3. When organizing events accompanying eating and drinking, notification to the public health center may be required.
    (Minato Minato Health Center in Minato Ward) Tel:03-3408-6146

Designated trader and witness

We have specified lighting / sound contractors for safety management so please order. If you are using an external vendor, it is necessary to have an appointed vendor's presence.
(Please refer to the price list separately.)

Getting Started

  1. Management responsibility
    • Regarding accidents that occurred during the use period, not only the user himself but also acts of related contractors and visitors, we are responsible for all the users, so please take all possible precautions to prevent accidents.
    • Regarding the venue and carry-in / out security, in accordance with the instructions of the person in charge of administrative control, at the user's responsibility, entrusting to the designated security company or arranging the security officer, arrange the traffic control, in-place arrangement, theft, fire, accident etc Please try to prevent it.
  2. Indemnity and damages
    • We are not responsible for any accidents such as theft, breakage etc. occurred in the facility during the use period.
    • If you damage or lose facilities, equipment, furniture etc during the use period, we will bear the actual cost.
  3. Restoration of original condition and cleaning management
    • The original state restoration and cleaning of the facilities to be used is done by the user side, and we will inspect at the end of the facility use. In addition, please use our designation contractor if special cleaning accompanying holding is necessary.
  4. Restriction on use
    • We will refuse to lend if it falls under the following items. Also, even when you are booked, even while you are using the facility, you may cancel the reservation and cancel the use. As a result, we assume no responsibility whatever damage may occur to users.

      When it is against public order and morals

      When there is a false statement in the application form for use

      Relationship to politics / religious activities etc. (However, it is not the case in our judgment judging that there is no particular problem)

      Cancellation order comes out from related ministries

      When there is a risk of damage or loss of buildings / equipment

      If there is a possibility of confusion and risk in the vicinity of visitors and venues

      When not obeying the usage rules, administrator's instructions

      When it is found that the applicant or user falls under the category of anti-social forces including gangsters, or has a relationship with antisocial forces

  5. Other notes
    • The right to use can not be transferred or subleased.
    • During the period of use, the responsible person must always reside in the hall.
    • Distribution of bulletin of advertisement, leaflet etc is limited to the prescribed place. Please get approval of facility personnel in advance.
    • Please refrain from smoking outside the prescribed places.
    • When there is a possibility of damaging the venue facilities, furniture etc. at the time of carrying in and out etc., according to the instructions of the administrative staff and technical personnel, always curb the floor, the wall etc etc. with the responsibility and cost burden of the user please.
      Also, please be sure to curing the product, when you put the hardware on the floor.
    • When installing the works / signs, please construct and install so as to be able to withstand the wind of wind speed of 35 m or more. However, since the above figures are approximate, the organizer should take responsive actions according to the situation with a safety-conscious design.
    • Since there is volume regulation (85 dB) from consideration to neighborhood, we will follow instructions of us acoustic personnel, and as a general rule it is not possible to sound out after 20 o'clock (except for several days per year).
    • Use of open flames within our hall, use of alcohols, solid fuels, etc. which cause fire are prohibited.
    • Before using Fire Fighting Activities Please confirm the location of fire hydrants and fire extinguishers, the role of each staff and the accusation route based on the mission share assignment table.
    • After completion, please clean on the user side and take home the garbage. In addition, special cleaning fee will be charged if special cleaning needs occur.
    • This provision was set in September 2010 and may be changed without prior notice Please note that

Venue usage fee

Basic usage fee

  • (Weekday) ¥ 2,000,000 - / day
  • (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays) ¥ 2,500,000 - / day
  • The price includes basic lighting (earth light) and simple sound set (details attachment paper).
  • A consumption tax will be issued separately.

Purchase / removal date use fee

  • (Weekday) ¥ 1,000,000 - / day
  • (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays) ¥ 1,250,000 - / day
  • A consumption tax will be issued separately.

Basic usage time


Extra time extension fee

¥ 200,000 - / hour

  • However, the maximum usable time is from 7 am to 11 pm
  • The time of preparation includes the time of cleaning up and cleaning up.
  • Extra time extension fee will be charged if extended extension is used outside the basic usage time.
  • A consumption tax will be charged separately

cancellation charge

  • Cancellation up to 31 days before the use day: 50% of usage fee
  • Cancellation after 30 days before use: full charge
  • The incidental facility usage fee and technical fee (personnel expenses etc) are not included in the above usage fee.
  • Actual expenses occurring at the time of cancellation of use will occur separately from the penalty fee.
  • We can respond to consultation if we can not hold due to inevitable weather conditions.

Venue equipment fee


  • Option fee (Including work for setting up and removing all)
    • Perimeter fence: 1 formula ¥ 150,000 -
    • Color cone: 1 type ¥ 20,000 -
    • Network equipment Optical line 100 Mbps * 1: 1 day ¥ 25,000 -
  • 1 This number is a fixed standard of maximum speed. Execution speed will be lower due to header information required for data transfer.
  • A consumption tax will be issued separately.

Equipment specification

  • Outer fence [H1, 900 × W2,000 (gray color)]
    • There are 8 slope walls separately for each.
  • Audience seat [W 500 x D 500]: 400 legs
  • For details, please contact the staff of the arena management room.

Lighting equipment fee


  • Lighting equipment cost: 1 type ¥ 200,000-
  • Light and sound common mobile control booth air stream (1 unit): ¥ 80,000 -

Equipment list

  • Portable dimming desk (AVOLITES Pearl Expert (60 presets)): 1 unit
  • Portable dimmer unit (2 kW × 12 circuits): 2 units, (3 kW × 6 circuits): 1 unit
  • Moving light (PC Turbo 700): 8 units
  • Pearlite 64 (1 kWN): 36 units
  • Cutter Spotlight (Source for 750 W): 6 ° 19 ° x 26 ° x 2 36 ° x 4
  • Lower Horizont (LHQ - 200 W 4 colors): 5
  • Crank type high stand (H - 1.48 m to 2.5 m): 2 units
  • Temporary power supply
  • Single phase 3 wire 100/200 V 300 A: 2 units, 100/200 V 225 A: 2 units
  • 3 phase 3 wire 200 V 150 A: 2 groups
  • A consumption tax will be issued separately.
  • For details, please contact the staff of the arena management room.

Acoustic equipment fee


  • Acoustic equipment cost: 1 formula ¥ 300,000 -

Equipment list

  • Mixer YAMAHA CL 5: 1 unit, YAMAHA CL 1: 1 unit
  • I / O rack YAMAHA Rio 3224-D: 3 units, YAMAHA Rio 1608-D: 2 units
  • Speaker EAW KF 730: 10 units
  • Subwoofer EAW SB 730: 4 units
  • Stand monitor speaker UPA - 1 P: 4 units FR 129 Z: 4 units
  • Floor monitor speaker UM - 1 P: 4 units SM 129 Z: 4 units MW 12: 10 units
  • Power amplifier QSC PL 380: 6 units PLD 4.5: 2 units
  • CD CDP-D 11: 2 units
  • MD MDS-E12: 2 units
  • MD CD MD - CD 1 MK III: 2 units
  • Hand type wireless microphone SHURE ULXD 2 / B 58 Z 4: 4
  • Pin type Wireless microphone SHURE ULXD 1 / Z 16: 4 pcs ※ Up to 4 simultaneous use
  • Dynamic microphone BET A 57 A: 14
    SM-57: 4 pieces
    SM-58: 8 pieces
  • Condenser microphone C414B-ULS: 4
    SM81-LC: 4 pieces
  • Direct box TYPE-85: 9 units
  • Microphone Stand Boom ST-210: 26
    Mini boom ST-259: 20
  • LAN cable DANTE CABLE: 100 m 4 pcs, 10 m 4 pcs, 5 m 4 pcs
  • Simple sound set list
    Mixer LS 9-16: 1 unit
    EQ GQ 2015 A: 1 unit
    Main speaker stand with SX 3000: 4 units
    MD MDS-E 10/8: 1 unit
    CD CDP-D 11: 1 unit
    Amplifier PC 3500: 1 unit
    Wired microphone SM58SE: 2

  • A consumption tax will be issued separately.
  • Simple sound sets are included in the venue usage fee.
  • For details please contact attached PDF or arena management staff.

Sound and lighting staff personnel expenses

  • Operating fee
    • Acoustic lighting staff (chief): ¥ 40,000 - / person / day
    • Sound · Lighting staff (Assistant): ¥ 30,000 - / person / day
  • Attendance fee
    • Lighting attendance fee: ¥ 30,000 - / person / day
    • Acoustical subscription fee: ¥ 30,000 - / person / day
  • A consumption tax will be issued separately.

Free amenities

  • Conference long machine (W1, 800 × D450 × H700): 12 units
  • Waiting room chair: 20 units
  • Pipe chair: 20 units
  • Full size: 4 units
  • 90 liter Refrigerator: 1 unit
  • Electric kettle pot: 2 units
  • Hanger rack: 3
  • For details, please contact the staff of the arena management room.




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