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  • 2021.12. 2


Orthodox tempura enjoying raw fish and seasonal vegetables

Through tempura dishes, tell the seasons. Such beliefs face oil, "Yamanogami Hotel", "Tempura Kondo" and Keita Sato chef who has walked the royal road of tempura culture in Japan. Seafood sent directly from Miura and Himi, seasonal wild vegetables and mushrooms. We just examine everything that we use, only what I agree with. On the other hand, however, as long as it is a good ingredient, there is flexibility to purchase from all over the world, not just domestic. Authentic tempura, where orthodox techniques and intolerable searching spirit are born. Its taste, representative of Japan, is also popular among foreign guests.

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Lightly thin clothes tailored to the ingredients

Random order course is 10 ~ 12 goods. Grab the heart with seasonal ingredients, show off familiar specialties, finish with Koshihikari's pot lamb. It is because of the lightness of the mouth that the number of goods is not heavy at all. Tailor the clothes with flour and water to match the ingredients. Oil dare not use sesame seeds, scented with cottonseed oil as the axis, with just a little white sesame oil. And by combining thin clothes with delicate technology, it creates a light texture while confining the taste of the material. Tempura, which has been condensed skill and thought of chef Sato chef for over 30 years on this road, tastes great not only for sake and shochu, but also for wine and champagne.

  • Prawn prawn
    Prawn prawn

    Prawn shrimp will be able to enjoy its freshness, while frying outside while finishing up the center part in half life.

  • Selected ingredients directly from the fishing port / market
    Selected ingredients directly from the fishing port / market

    Because it is a very simple cooking method of frying, the tempura where the goodness of the material is transmitted as it is. Seafood is purchasing the best ones from the market or Misaki port.

  • Oyster from Hokkaido Konbu Forest
    Oyster from Hokkaido Konbu Forest

    Konbu forest oysters that have low water temperature and can be eaten throughout the year. It is a large grain body and has a strong sweetness and richness. Tempura is unique if you have a crisp outside, and the inside has melting texture.

  • conger

    It is the tempura of Confucius that chef chef Sato takes care most. We will change the cooking method at the time and location picked up.

  • Ayu

    Ayu which grows only where the water quality is good is said to be a fish and it smells sweet and good. Please enjoy the elegant white body and the slight bitterness of the liver with thin cloth tempura.

  • Asparagus

    Asparagus of early summer is ordered from the southern hemisphere from late summer to autumn. We do not mind domestic production only, we will order good ingredients from all over the world.

  • 銀杏

    A ginkgo that changes from a beautiful jade color to a brilliant golden color depending on the harvest time. It is a dish that you can perceive the seasonal change delicately.

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