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MEN'S GROOMING SALON & STORE by kakimoto arms

It is a male exclusive hair salon that has the theme "The grooming of men sticking to lifestyle". We also have a grooming store with a wealth of products from famous brands of skin care and body care as well as scalp care and hair care for "polishing men on a daily basis". It has become a product lineup that can respond to various sticking and requests from luxury to organic. You can also use it for women looking for gifts that are pleasing to men. At the shop front, we also have advisors that can help you with scalp diagnosis, how to use items, and product selection until you can feel free to contact us.

Category Beauty · Health
Area West Walk 4F
Hours 11:00~21:00

We may change the temporary closure and Hours
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Tel 03-3405-5208
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Store Site

http://www.mensgrooming.tokyo/ 外部サイト