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The floor is divided into Men's and ladies' , each is divided into a daily line and a dress line, and it is a space where you can settle down like a small room. It is a space where adult men and women can share the enjoyment of shopping for travelers visiting this place for someone who is important for themselves.

Category Men's fashion / Ladies' fashion / Fashion accessories
Area West Walk 3F
Hours 11:00~21:00
Tel 03-5786-9831
Duty Free

Japan. Tax-free Shop

We will accept duty-free procedures at stores

HILLS CARD Hills Point Target / Credit Point Target (2%, 3% on Sunday)
Store Site

http://blog.abahouse.net/designworks-roppongi/ 外部サイト

Products Women's Clothing, Men's Wear, Inner Wear, Shoes, Bag, Wallet, Hat, Socks, Belt, Accessories

Handled brands

デザインワークス(DESIGNWORKS),グリントマティ(grintmati),ダジリータ(D'agilita),マーク ジェイコブス(MARC JACOBS),ヌメロ ヴェントゥーノ(N゜21),カルヴェン(CARVEN),ヘルノ(HERNO),デレクラム 10クロスビー(DEREK LAM 10CROSBY),セルジオ ロッシ(SERGIO ROSSI),ピエールアルディ(PIERRE HARDY),ペリーコ(PELLICO),ラルディーニ(LARDINI),ピーティー ゼロウノ(PT01),タリアトーレ(TAGLIATORE),ザノーネ(ZANONE),バルバ(BARBA),タトラス(TATRAS),ピエール ルイ マシア(PIERRE-LOUIS MASCIA),チャーチ(CHURCH'S)

Composition ratio

ladies' 60%, Men's 40%

  • For "handling products / brands" there may be handling besides being described.