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  • 六本木グルメバーガーグランプリへの
  • 7月16日から9月19日まで開催された「六本木グルメバーガーグランプリ 2022」も大盛況のうちに投票を締め切らせていただきました。みなさまのご参加まことにありがとうございました。現在、グランプリを決定すべく、投票を集計しております。特別限定メニュー部門でグランプリを獲得したハンバーガーは販売期間を約一か月延長しますので、発表までの間、しばしお待ちくださいませ。

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Roppongi Gourmet Burger Grand Prix 2022

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From Roppongi Hills by lottery
A chance to get a nice present! !!
Roppongi Gourmet Burger Grand Prix
Instagram campaign

The contents of the gift are
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Chance ①

Follow @roppongihillsofficial & like or comment on the burger post you want to eat!

Chance ②

Post the burger you actually ate with "# Roppongi Gourmand Burger 2022"!

◆ Notes
* lottery results will be notified directly to the winners via Instagram direct message.
* message will be Roppongi Hills official account (@roppongihillsofficial). Please be careful about spoofing accounts.
* Those who have a private account or Roppongi Hills account (@roppongihillsofficial) will not be selected.
* If you do not respond to the direct message within the deadline, or if you do not provide information such as your address after contacting the winner, the winner will be invalid.
* Personal information provided by the winners will be used only for information on winning this campaign, identity verification, and prize shipping, and will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of contacting us regarding this matter.
* Prizes will be shipped in February and November 2022.
* Prizes can only be sent within Japan. We may not be able to send it due to unknown customer's address or moving address.
* Please note that this campaign is subject to change or cancellation without notice.
* Organizer: Roppongi Hills

-Burgers in CinemaCinema-

If you see it, you will definitely want to eat it
American movie hamburger famous scene

Hamburgers are an important prop in "Terminal" and "Pulp Fiction". It expresses the emotions of the character in a "good taste"!

The scenes of diner and burger shops are indispensable for American movies. Naturally, it's the hamburger's turn. Since the golden age of Hollywood, hamburgers have been a star in movies. A movie directed by Barry Levinson, also known as"Diner"Looking at (1982), we can see how hamburgers are indispensable to American food culture. In the 1950s, the familiar diner is visited by old friends who cannot grow up. While talking about Yotaro, someone always eats a hamburger with pickles.

Hamburger stores are also used for dates."Good Will Hunting / Departure"In (1997), the math genius but bad-mannered protagonist Will (Matt Damon) invites Takamine's flower Harvard schoolgirl Skyler to a familiar burger shop. Skyler kissed him at the counter where he ate a hamburger. "It tastes like pickles"

As soon as I came to the United States of my dreams and arrived at the airport, there was a coup d'etat in my home country and I could not return to Japan or enter the United States."Terminal"It was the hamburger that saved the main character Victor (Tom Hanks) in (2004). Having to live at the airport, he saves a deposit for returning a passenger cart and rushes to a burger chain store in the airport. The face of Hanks eating a hamburger with tears was impressive.

One of the most famous hamburger chains in recent movies is "Big Kahuna Burger". It's a fictional store that only appears in the movies of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Especially impressive is Tarantino's"pulp fiction"Cheeseburger that appears in (1994). Young people stealing something from a gang are eating a "Big Kahuna Burger" cheeseburger instead of breakfast. The scene where Samuel L. Jackson, who plays the gangster's minions, tastes the burger with a threatening face is a famous scene. At the same time as it is full of urgency, the taste of a delicious burger is also transmitted.

Text By Madoka Yamazaki

columnist. He has written books such as "Madoka Yamazaki Movie Essays" (DU BOOKS), "Lingerie in Cinema: The Story of the Heroine in Underwear" (blueprint), and many others.

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