Christmas Market

Christmas Market 2018

Lots of sundries and dishes that color Christmas

The Christmas market will be back at Roppongi Hills again this year, filled with lively fun. Enjoy the feeling of a real German Christmas, featuring a German shop known worldwide for its Christmas items, famous German foods, and over 2,000 different items for sale.

11.23 fri - 12.25 tue
* Please see below for details
O-YANE Plaza

About holding Hours

· 11.23 fri on the opening day starts from 15:00
· Fri, Sat, Pre-Holiday Day and 12.24 mon are extended until 22:00


Store opening store

German Christmas Shop
Käthe Wohlfahrt
This is a specialty shop for German Christmas supplies, known throughout the world. Especially the egg-type incense doll "Smoky" is popular, this year Penguin's "Christmas in Antarctica", Silent "Angel Oscar" will appear in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of this evening birth.
Glass work
This shop offers appealing glasswork that is both delicately and charmingly designed. All products are handmade, each with a unique look. Find your own favorite to create an original Christmas world that’s all your own.
Christmas items from Germany
Advent Shop from Germany
Items that produce delightful periods such as Advent · calendar enjoying the countdown until Christmas, luncheon mats decorating Christmas table and paper napkins, until Christmas.
Specialist Christmas goods shop
SIGNA Collection by NIKITIKI
I gathered items recommended for Christmas from European countries centered on Christmas market in Germany. You can see the miscellaneous goods and toys with high quality warmth, with the minds of making makers.
Wreaths made from spices
Rasp Spice Decoration
The pleasant scent of spice decorations made of cinnamon, cloves, star anise... Directing the atmosphere of European fragrant Christmas market, in this shop, you’ll find wreaths and ornaments you won't be able to find anywhere else.
German bread and sweets
Made with the concept of“giving gifts to the people you care about,” this shop has a wide selection of goods that people of all generations can enjoy. Please enjoy Strelen, Leap Kuchen, made with the traditional recipe of German Meister direct tradition, Christmas sweet buns for children to enjoy, cookies etc .
German beer
We are sticking to authentic all of "Hofbrau", one of the 6 biggest brewery boasting a tremendous popularity in Germany, and directly imported sausages. Christmas Market Classic flavors, spicy groundwines are handmade carefully.
Goulash and Mulled Wine
Markus' Chrismas Cafe
This café offers a menu of foods well suited to the Christmas mood, created with a special attention to ingredients by German chef Markus Voss. The café’s goulash (a German stew) uses only the finest black beef from Hokkaido.
German sausage
It is a shop where you can enjoy the delicious taste that is eaten in the street corner of Germany without feeling it. We recommend that you try the taste of Konig’s handmade ham sausage,made using traditional techniques learned in Germany and using high-quality ingredients from Japan.
Garman cuisine
Marl Zeit
Enjoy the authentic taste and atmosphere, such as Schnitzel, which seems to be out of the plate, fly of mushrooms, parachin kaken of Viennese style crepe.
German sausages and soup
We offer Eintupfu which warms to the perfect core for cold weather, seven cheese dogs of popular products, GERMAN curry dog with spice effect etc. Please enjoy with authentic cinnamon orange grül wine.

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