Christmas ConcertChristmas Concert

Christmas ConcertChristmas Concert

A sacred night spun by beautiful harmony

Come and share a heartwarming space and time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Roppongi Hills Arena. Enjoy the harmony of the artists that fills your heart and lets you experience the kindness of music and the love embraced by the songs.

12.24 tue, 12.25 wed

Roppongi Hills Arena


  • Please come in warm clothes because it is an outdoor venue
  • Performer and Performer Hours may change due to unavoidable reasons
  • During stormy weather, the program may be canceled or canceled


  12.24 tue 12.25 wed


Started playing piano at the age of 2, and belonged to the NHK Tokyo Children's Choir (formerly NHK Tokyo Broadcasting Children's Choir) at the age of 6. Having his musician Joe Hisaishi as his father, he started music activities from an early age. When she was four years old, she sang the “Lanlan Lara ~” melody in the movie “Nausica in the Valley of the Wind” that plays in the reminiscence scene of Nausicaa. After the choir graduate, he started the chorus group “Little Carol” and continues to chorus alongside his solo activities. At Little Carol, while singing, he produces overall projects such as concert planning, arrangement, and guidance.
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Little carol
In 1996, NHK Tokyo Children's Choir (formerly NHK Tokyo Broadcasting Children's Chorus) graduates released the third album "Little Carol -Christmas Collection II-" in 2018, Children`s Chorus (currently the NHK Tokyo Children’s Choir). The chorus is currently composed of about 30 singers who are creating a unique world view, fusing pop with classical music., in 2019 Released a musical score for the female chorus "Nutcracker for female chorus and piano" that can be sung in Japanese. Since 2006, Performer every year at Christmas Concert at Roppongi Hills Arena.
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/ TAWOYAME Special Combo with REINA NOSA

Formed in 2008, Big band for women only. Despite a name written in Chinese characters that suggest "weak women," the band presents a powerful stage performance infused with the spirit of pop. In 2016, the group took part in Toko Furuuchi’s Toko Furuuchi with 10 Legends, Backed by Tamio Okuda, Masayuki Suzuki, Fumiya Fujii, TEE, Kazuyoshi Saito, Takayuki Osawa, Kiyoshi Maekawa, Yoshikuni Dojin and others. TAWOYAME ORQUESTA also took part in a Moonriders tribute album. In December 2018, the first best album “BESTA” was released to commemorate the 10th anniversary. The 17:00 round was Performer, a special organization that featured singer Rena Nosa as an excerpt of "TAWOYAME ORQUESTA".
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"1664 BLANC" gift special booth

12.24 tue 15:00-21:00
12.25 wed 15:00-20:00

Roppongi Hills Arena

1664 BLANC, an international brand originated in France, featuring blue bottles, now on sale from Sapporo Beer. This time, we will give a limited quantity to those who took pictures of the Christmas tree at the special booth. (Gifts are limited to those over the age of 20 and those who do not drive a car on the day)

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