CHRISTMAS MARKETChristmas Market 2019

A market where you can experience the authentic German atmosphere

This year, the Christmas Market will be bringing you the joy of Christmas for the 13th year with a total of 11 stores offering over 2,000 original German Christmas goods, as well as Glühwein (mulled wine), sausages, and other authentic German dishes.

Nov. 30 (Sat.) – Dec. 25 (Wed.) 11:00 – 21:00

O-Yane Plaza

  • Until 22:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Dec. 24
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Roppongi Hills Christmas
Market 2019
Original mug

A limited number of original mugs will be available this year, too. Drinking warm Glühwein (mulled red wine with spices) from the original mug is a classic way to enjoy the Christmas Market. The design is different every year, so you will also want to collect them as annual mugs.Sold out due to popularity.

SHOPSStore opening store


German Christmas Shop

1Käthe Wohlfahrt
A world-renowned German specialty store for Christmas goods. The egg-shaped incense smoker “Smoky” is especially popular, and this year, you can find a limited-edition “Christmas Squirrel” decorated with Swarovski Elements.
[Smoky “Christmas Squirrel” ¥6,400 / Original Brass Ornament “Käthe Express” ¥4,980]

Christmas items from Germany

2Advent shop
from Germany
A range of items to help you create that Christmas feel, including advent calendars for enjoying the countdown to Christmas, and place mats and paper napkins to decorate your Christmas dinner table with.
[Original Advent Calendar ¥1,280 / Place Mat ¥1,600 –]

Glass works

Glass works shop with delicate, cute designs that you’ll love. They are all made by hand, so each and every one has a different look. Why not find your favorite, and create a world of Christmas that is just to your liking?
[Santa Claus ¥968 / Christmas Tree ¥550]

Specialist Christmas goods shop

4SIGNA Collection by NIKI TIKI
A shop that has gathered items from countries throughout Europe, particularly Germany, that are perfect for Christmas. You can find high-quality, heartwarming goods that are packed with the thought and care of the creators, including beautiful cards that have been laser cut in detail, incense, and stuffed animals.
[Balancing Toy ¥2,090 – each (wooden frame sold separately) / HUSS Rotating Tree Incense Holder ¥3,520 each]

Wreaths made from spices

5Rasp Spice Decoration
A specialty store for spice decorations, one of Salzburg’s traditional crafts. Enjoy a fragrant Christmas market atmosphere with pleasant natural scents and European scents coming from these decorations made with cinnamon, cloves, and star anise.
[Spice Wreath ¥900 – ¥15,000 / Spice Ornament ¥500 – ¥3,200 / Mozart Bear ¥1,600 – ¥2,500]


German bread and sweets

A lineup of products that will delight people of various ages, based on the concept of “gifts for that special someone.” Enjoy the stollen and lebkuchen made with traditional methods passed down directly from German meisters, Christmas sweet bread and cookies that are sure to delight children, and more.
[Christmas Stollen ¥2,000 / Gingerbread House ¥1,500]

German beer

Offers a menu that visitors of all ages can enjoy, with items such as beer from Hofbräu, one of the six major breweries in Germany; spicy Glühwein; and stollen and churros directly imported from Germany. The new “Meter-Long Spiral Burger” is sure to fill you up.
[Hofbräu Münchner Weisse Beer ¥1,500 / Meter-Long Spiral Burger ¥1,400]

German cuisine

8Gasthaus Bitte
An authentic European restaurant led by a chef with many years of experience in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Feast on the Eisbein that has been slowly roasted, and the grilled German steak that has been soaked in a marinade made from spices carefully selected by the chef.
[Eisbein ¥600 / German Steak ¥600]

German sausages

A shop where you can easily enjoy the delicious taste that is eaten at the corner of Germany. Traditional homemade ham and sausages made from We recommend that you try the taste of Konig’s handmade ham sausage, learned from Germany are recommended for those seeking a real taste.
[Thuringian Bratwurst ¥700 / Nurnberger ¥800 / Glühwein ¥600]

Craft Beer and German food

Offers original beers brewed following the special methods of the German Beer Purity Law, along with German cuisine that goes with beer such as Berlin currywurst with special sauce. We also recommend the very popular hot wine, available at the food truck.​ ​
[German Craft Beer Tasting Set ¥1,500 / Berlin Currywurst ¥900]

German sausages and soup

Offers items such as the very popular cheese dog made with seven types of cheeses; spicy German curry dog; and Eintopf soup that will warm you to the core, perfect for the cold season. Enjoy them with authentic Glühwein made with cinnamon and oranges.
[Cheese Dog with Seven Types of Cheeses ¥800]


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