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Roppongi Hills Christmas gourmet,
How to enjoy this year is decided by this!

Food editor
Miki Numata

After editing a gourmet magazine, Miki Numata, who works as a free editor,
Report on Christmas food at Roppongi Hills.
What is the only way to enjoy Roppongi Hills!?

  • 1
    Illumination x gourmet
    A memorable Christmas

    Now, illumination is essential for Christmas in Tokyo. Roppongi Hills, you can enjoy illuminations in various places from 17:00 in the evening to 23:00 at night. It's nice to walk in the sea of light, but it's the best time to enjoy the beautiful Christmas scenery with a bit of calm and delicious food.

    First of all, it is recommended for evening snack time and aperitif, "LE CHOCOLAT ALAIN DUCASSE ROPPONGI" and "bricolage bread & co.. A café space facing Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori, where you can relax with a chocolate show, coffee, or wine, and glittering illumination. Don't you think it's nice?

    For dinner,​ ​37 Steak House & Bar​ ​It ’s also good to look at the outside scenery while eating meat. And a special place is "Jean-Georges Tokyo"! This store has a strong impression of a counter seat, but do you know there is a private room on the second floor? The view from the private room is outstanding. The illumination of Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori is right in front of you. And if you return your eyes to the table, you will find the finest French in the eyes ... If you have such a dreamy Christmas, it will be a lifelong memory.

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    "Weekday Christmas" this year
    Enjoy lunch gourmet!

    Christmas 2019 is weekday on the 24th and 25th of Eve. You may be a little disappointed ... but this is your chance to enjoy lunch! Roppongi Hills of Restaurants Some provide at a reasonable price lunch course of "serious"Restaurants I have a lot of.

    For example, the Grand Maison Roppongi Hills is proud of "L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon", newly opened in November "Réglisse", and the former chef of the legendary Restaurants “Chianti "ILBrio" Each restaurant uses chef's carefully selected ingredients, and the dishes that chefs make with their thoughts are excellent. If it can be enjoyed at a lunch price, this is already a good deal! I can only say.

    Celebrating Christmas with elegant friends on weekdays may be a Gourmand style for a new era. Please enjoy "Lunch Christmas" for Christmas in the first year of the Reiwa!

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    You can only buy here now
    Check out popular Restaurants cakes!

    "Which cake would you like this year?" Christmas cake is a problem every year. Patisseries, department stores, custom-made, and many delicious and beautiful cakes make a difference. However, if you want a cake with a "special feeling", why not try a Restaurants-made cake that Roppongi Hills Restaurants offer exclusively? The wonderful pastry chef cakes will definitely be appreciated as a party souvenir.

    The recommendation is to use trendy ruby chocolate. "Jean-Georges Tokyo" The square cake of "ILBrio"pure white cake. I look forward to every year "LA BOUTIQUE de Joël Robuchon" From there will be a caramel-flavored cake, so if you are a caramel lover you should not miss it. And the stable taste, what I want to eat with my family is "Hills DAL-MATTO" the fluffy cake. I can't choose any one! If that's the case ... I'll have a party this week !?

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    Relieved even if called suddenly.
    Fashionable and delicious gifts here

    As the end of the year approaches, the number of parties and events increases, and both the public and private are busy. "Oh, I’m calling you today, but I ’m not prepared for anything!". However, the gift of "Now this" is a bit disappointing, so I would like to look for something exciting for both the recipient and the recipient.

    The best place for souvenirs during this season is champagne. "WINE SHOP ENOTECA" champagne is safe to give to anyone, so it's a great help when in trouble. If your partner likes wine, ""KENZO ESTATE WINERY"the limited wine seems to be pleased. For a gathering with friends, a little bit of inspiration "LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT"assortment. There is no doubt that the talk becomes animated.

    If you're still unsure about choosing a gift, you should definitely recommend it. "g GIFT AND LIFESTYLE" is. The inside of the store with a lot of wonderful items from both inside and outside the country is exciting just by looking at it. In addition to food, there are fashion accessories and interior miscellaneous goods, so it's a great chance to meet something you want to give. Of course, "Reward for yourself" is also a must!

  • 5
    I'm happy with the home party
    Takeout item

    There are many opportunities for "inviting and being invited" during the year-end and New Year holidays. Put your spirits in handmade! Some people may say, but it is hard to make all the hospitality dishes by hand even in a busy run. Let's make active use of sweets and sweets that can be taken out.

    The first thing you should go to Roppongi Hills is "GRAND・FOOD・HALL !" It is a supermarket with a selection of ingredients, but in the back deli corner are delicious side dishes and the finest ingredients made by the chef. There is also a catering service, so it's possible to have an "Entrust All" party. If you consult in advance, you will be able to flexibly deal with your favorite dishes. If you are preparing for a party, "bricolage bread & co.I have to stop by. Not only delicious bread, but also limited stollen will appear in the Christmas season. Perfect for making a topic.

    By the way, recently, do you know that "homemade souvenirs" are going to go wrong? "Reverse souvenirs" are small gifts that are handed to the host when they send out guests. It's common sense that you can hand out some nice sweets to souvenirs. "LOLA'S Cupcakes Tokyo"​ ​Gently hand over the Christmas-only sweets on the way home and you will be able to impress the party of the day. Please feel free to plan your wonderful hompa.

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    Tell a nice adult!
    Recommendation of "one person Christmas"

    Are you thinking that Christmas is something you spend with partners, family and friends? Of course it is important and it is definitely fun. However, if you are a "nice adult," you want to enjoy your Hours alone and elegantly in a cool way. In such a case, how about "one person dessert"? Afternoon of Hours to, or in between work, the Suites of leave for me that hard.

    "KENZO ESTATE WINERY"​ ​Is offering a special Christmas dessert this year. Desserts and champagne at the counter seem to make you feel a little better. near Mohri Garden,​ ​"Mohri Salvatore Cuomo"Desert time while enjoying the scenery. It gives you such a blissful Hours to enjoy sweet food while looking out on Christmas afternoon.

    If you are a little hungry, "eggcellent". A hearty dessert pancake will satisfy your heart. And if you’re in a tired mode, you’re in fatigue mode,Hills DAL-MATTO" Cute Snow Dalmat and "PARK 6 powered by bondolfi boncaffē" How about changing your mind with a pop parfait? A cute dessert that looks good should heal your heart!

    The lively fun of "Wai Wai Wai" and the personal Hours "Calm alone" are important. Let's fully enjoy adult Christmas this year.