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Roku-Roku Plaza
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Dyed in brilliant red
Cartier Christmas tree

This year, Cartier 's Christmas tree dyed in red will decorate the holiday season. Under the theme of "LOVE IS ALL", a tree of about 10 meters using the iconic red will appear, adding color to the exciting and gorgeous season.
We also have specially designed photo spots for you to enjoy more interactively.
It is a tree where you can fully experience the "love" from Cartier.

11.23 (Tuesday / holiday) -12.25 (Saturday)
* Lighting Hours may be changed in consideration of the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Roku-Roku Plaza


Corporate Sponsors

Cartier POST

11.23 (Tuesday / holiday) -12.5 (Sunday) 11: 00-20: 00
Hills Café / space
Organizer: Cartier


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