How to apply

Kids work Shops will guide you on how to apply for. Prior to application, work Shops and ask for your confirmation of the subscription period and the subscription method of. In addition, part of the work Shops you will also find the recruitment of cancellation frame.

Application Period

Work Shops your subscription period are as follows. If the number of applicants is larger than the capacity, it will be decided by lottery. The lottery results will be notified by email on the following schedule.
(It may differ in part.)

Application PeriodFriday, July 17th 10:00 to Monday, July 27th 24:00
Announcement of lottery resultsJuly 31 (Friday)
DurationFrom Saturday, August 8 to Sunday, August 16


How to apply

Work Shops recruitment and application system of the " events uses the services of the resist."
Before registration, you must register for an events resist account (Free).
After completion of the registration of the account, each work Shops Thank you for your application from the application form.

Register your account here

* Details of account registration procedureThis page

Recruitment of additional cancellation slots

The generated work of cancellation frame Shops, do the additional recruitment of participants in the following period.
Reservation for additional cancellation slots is "first come, first served".
The application deadline will be reached when the additional recruitment reaches the capacity, so Please note that

1st recruitment period
Tuesday, August 4th 12:00-Thursday, August 6th 9:00Target work Shops] the entire period

Second recruitment period
August 9 (Sun) 12:00-August 11 (Tue) 9:00Target work Shops] August 13 (Thursday) to 16 (Sunday) held min

Cancellation frame
Click here for additional recruitment page

FAQFrequently asked questions

Application FAQ

events I can't register my resist account.

Account registration procedure isThis pageFor details. If that does not work even if the registration procedure of the above-mentioned page to reference, kids work Shops please contact the Secretariat to (0120-111-676).

I have not received the application completion email, winning notification email, or loss notification email.

Please cancel the domain designated reception and check the spam mail folder again. If that does not work, kids work Shops please contact the Secretariat to (0120-111-676).

I feel like it's not convenient, so I want to cancel the application.

You cannot execute the cancellation procedure by your operation. Sorry to trouble you, kids work Shops please contact to Secretariat (0120-111-676).

I want to change the input information and the number of applicants after applying.

Change of change and application number of the input information after the application is a children's work Shops can not be received in the Secretariat. Sorry to trouble you, kids work Shops will be asked to inquire into the Secretariat (0120-111-676), after the cancellation procedure of your application information, a work of hope again Shops Please apply to.

I cannot apply from the application form on the website.

Sorry to trouble you, kids work Shops please contact to Secretariat (0120-111-676).

Is it possible to apply by proxy?

You can also apply by proxy. In the application form, the applicant information and the work of the person if you apply on behalf Shops, please fill in the participant information of the person to participate in.

FAQ regarding additional recruitment of cancellation slots

Work of hope to the additional recruitment page of the cancellation frame Shops will not be published.

Work cancellation has not occurred Shops, so I do not run on the additional recruitment page We appreciate your understanding.

Is the additional application for the cancellation frame a “lottery method”?

Reservation for additional cancellation slots is "first come, first served". If the number of applicants reaches the application capacity, the application deadline will be reached at that time, so We appreciate your understanding.

I have not received the Shops invitation email after applying for the cancellation window.

Online work Shops URL links and detailed information of Zoom to participate to, you can send the additional guidance mail to the following schedule.

[First recruitment]
Information mail delivery on August 6th (Thu) from 10 to 17 o'clock
[Second recruitment]
Delivery of notification emails from 10:00 to 17:00 on Tuesday, August 11

To offer fixed-mail that is automatically distributed at the time of your application, work Shops detailed information is not stated. Please refer to the guide mail delivered on the above schedule. If you have any guide mail does not reach the above schedule, sorry to trouble you, kids work Shops please contact to Secretariat (0120-111-676).

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