We are releasing event report! ↓

Event report

Annual Hills KIDS' WORKSHOP. This year, there are 36 workshops of 24 types was held for the first time on all programs online.

From VR and biotechnology to mock trials, radio DJ experience, money and manufacturing, a wide range of workshops unique to Hills As a result of a strict drawing from a large number of applications, we have 700 or more children from home and abroad participate from home.

So that it can look back to everyone the state of implementation in the inaugural online, workshop of the digest video, so I've created a report, please have a look.

Workshop video that you can enjoy at home ↓ KIDS 'WORKSHOP 2020 workshop list ↓

Workshop video that you can enjoy at home

Let's play with a mug former!

BørneLund Click here for development recipes!

Foundation of flower workshop- bouquet making ~


Creative Problem Solving "Can you make up?"

Lego 🄬 school

Challenge with Lego 🄬 Duplo block! Back to back shape game

LEGO 🄬 store

Bio Festival-Let's make DIY bio tools together and learn about life! ~


① Let's make a microscope

Click here for the recipe!

② Let's take out the DNA from the fruit

Click here for the recipe!

③ Spheroidization and artificial cells

Click here for the recipe!

④ Bacterial planting and petri dish

Click here for the recipe!

Workshop list