Online workshop

"Online work can experience without leaving your out this year Shops inaugural a"! So you can join us even the whole country from anywhere, work foster creativity and sensitivity in your out along with the children Shops Please enjoy.

Implementation method

Online work Shops, you should use the WEB conferencing system "Zoom".
Please prepare a computer or tablet with "Zoom" installed in advance and participate.
If you are new to "Zoom", please see this page.

Click here if you are new to "Zoom"

Procedure of participation

(1) Delivery of guide mail
Work Shops to people who have the application towards cancellation frame that has been winning the lottery, you will receive in advance guidance mail, which is the information needed to participate.

(2) online work Shops on the day
Accepted Hours online work in the Shops Please join by clicking on the link Zoom for participation. Clicking the link will automatically launch Zoom. Then, you will see the temporary standby screen, but kids work Shops because the Secretariat staff and the entry procedure, please wait.

* If it is before the reception Hours
Zoom When you click the link of Zoom is launched, but "work on the screen Shops guidance of the scheduled date and time" will be displayed. Please note that you cannot enter the room until the reception Hours. Please close Zoom once and click the link again during the reception Hours.

trouble shooting

If you do not start Zoom even if you click the Zoom link in the guide email, the standby screen is not displayed, or if you cannot enter the room after waiting for a while, please try the following measures.

[Countermeasure A]
1. Move to a stable Internet environment
2. Restart your computer or tablet
3. Quit if you are using security software
4. Open the invitation email and click the Zoom link again

[Countermeasure B]
1. Delete the installed "Zoom" and then reinstall it
2. Restart your computer or tablet
3. Quit if you are using security software
4. Open the invitation email and click the Zoom link again

If you can not solve the above, unfortunately kids work Shops is the management situation is also difficult to resolve the problem with our inquiries to the Secretariat. Please contact the support center of the manufacturer of your computer or tablet or the support center of the Zoom official website.


Online work Shops Upon your application to ask you for confirmation of the following contents.

FAQFrequently asked questions

Online work Shops FAQ about

Online work Shops does not receive an invitation for participation.

A guide mail will be delivered according to the following schedule.

<Application for lottery>
Announcement of lottery results Delivery of winning notification/defeat notification mail from 10 to 17 o'clock on Friday, July 31
Work to the winning notification mail Shops information for participation have been described.

<Additional offer for cancellation>
[First recruitment]
Information mail delivery on August 6th (Thu) from 10 to 17 o'clock
[Second recruitment]
Delivery of notification emails from 10:00 to 17:00 on Tuesday, August 11

If even after the above dates do not receive the invitation, but sorry to trouble you, kids work Shops please contact to Secretariat (0120-111-676).

Also the winner in the children of brothers and sisters and acquaintances not online work Shops I want to show the screen of.

As a rule, but we have been in your participation to the winner of the children and their parents, online work at more than one person Shops that is no problem where I am looking at the screen of.

If I miss the start Hours, can I join late?

Online work Shops for your participation in the middle of is also possible. Start Hours online work even if that did not meet the deadline to Shops Please join us from Zoom link for participation.

Is it possible to participate from a smartphone?

Participation from a smartphone is also possible. However, online work because the size of the screen is small Shops such as video and slides to be used in a will there is a possibility that hard to see. Participation from a computer or tablet is recommended.

Online work Shops the situation in Photo:you want to.

Parents are allowed to Photo:their own children. When Photo:of children, please cooperate so that other children on the Zoom screen are not reflected.
In addition, work Shops because the Recording of will be prohibited, We appreciate your understanding.

I'm worried about pranks such as "Zoom" bombs. Can you participate safely?

Online work with the organizers of setting Shops participants we have to set that can not be screen sharing. In addition, online work Shops ongoing and a children's work Shops and conduct the monitoring in the WEB conference room by the Secretariat staff, when there is suspicious activity will make the measures of forced exit.

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