Topical workout

From three weeks of intensive training and meal improvement, we introduce various workout styles from total workout leading to the body that brings in training everyday to everyday life, Tai Chi who can relax freely outdoors.

TOTAL Workout

Fitness gym

Personalized by Kevin Yamazaki, who is gathering broad support from professional athletes as well as business executives and entertainment circles · fitness gym


Bike exercise

From NY, Japan's first specialized studio of Bike exercise boasting explosive popularity

Studio R

Dance school

Dance studio for adults. It is said that ballroom dance which you can start even after it is several years is very good for health, beauty and diet. "Studio for Dance" for adults who can enjoy the world of ballroom dance which is hard to enter easily fashionably it is Studio R.

Tai Chi

A slow and quiet movement to keep your body and mind healthy. Tai Chi has been established as the summer feature of the 17th Roppongi Hills the past.

It will be held for 6 days from 2nd Sunday, 9th Sunday, 10th Monday (holiday), 16th Sunday, 23rd Sunday, and 30th Sunday, August 2020.