KIDS 'WORKSHOP 2019 7.13 (Saturday)-8.25 (Sunday) The children who will carry the future truly experience the real thing in a real place Roppongi Hills In addition, approximately 90 classes and 400 courses are offered at "Hills" in various locations in Tokyo!


2009, Roppongi Hills'Kids work started at some stores in Shops Will be the 11th year this year.
Roppongi Hills Work in cooperation with tenant companies and stores, facilities, etc., to have children experience the "real thing", including cutting-edge technologies and research results in various genres, experiences in real stores and facilities, etc. Shops Is a lineup.
We will create a place for learning unique to "Hills".

Just for kids who will be responsible for the future a genuine experience in a real place


Category Art & Craft, Cooking, Challenge, Learning, MIRAI SUMMER CAMP, Special
How to apply

Application from WEB site

Roppongi Hills Application from WEB site is the following site access please. work Shops To apply foraccount registrationIs required. After registration is complete, each work Shops Please apply from the application form of.

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  • Roppongi Hills Work to have application from other than WEB site Shops There is also.
  • In the case of a large number of applicants, we will decide by lot drawing. The lottery result will be notified by e-mail.
  • In the case of WEB application, the same work in the same period Shops Can not apply for Same work Shops If you apply for multiple times, please choose a course of a different period.

Application by Tel

The Tel Apply for each work Shops Listed in the application part of the details Tel Please check the number.

  • It will be in order of arrival.

First-come first-served basis (no advance application required)

Work to receive application on the first day at the venue on the day Shops There is also. Work to distribute the numbered ticket etc. Shops Because there is also, each work Shops Please check the application part of the details.

Application Period

First phase

  • work Shops Holding period: From July 13 (Sat) to July 28 (Sun)
  • Application period: June 22 (Sat) 12:00 to July 1 (Mon) 24:00
  • Lottery result announcement: 7/5 (Fri)

Second stage

  • work Shops Holding period: July 29 (Mon) to August 11 (Sun)
  • Application period: 7/8 (Mon) 12:00 to 7/16 (Tue) 24:00
  • Lottery result announcement: July 20 (Saturday)

Third phase

  • work Shops Holding period: August 12 (Mon) to August 25 (Sun)
  • Application period: July 22 (Mon) 12:00 to July 29 (Mon) 24:00
  • Lottery result announcement: 8/2 (Fri)
First come, first served basis

Some work Shops With regard toFirst come, first served basisWill be accepted.

Cancellation minutes (First come, first served) Application list page is here

  • Start date of application is work Shops Please check from time to time as it differs from one to another. (Principle, each work Shops Notification date of the fall or work Shops Work that can be applied three days before the implementation date Shops Will only start accepting)
Entry fee It becomes a notation with tax.
Recommended age work Shops It will be the target age when participating in.

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  • The 1st term Application period: Work on June 22 (Sat)-July 1 (Mon) (July 13 (Sat)-July 28 (Sun))Shops)
  • Second period Application period: 7/8 (Mon)-7/16 (Tue) (Worked from 7/29 (Mon) to 8/11 (Sun)Shops)
  • Third period Application period: 7/22 (Mon) to 7/29 (Mon) (Work held on August 12 (Mon) to August 25 (Sun))Shops)