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    Saturday, June 30, 2018 - Friday, July 13,

  2. 2018 Autumn / Winter Fashion Early Reservation & Fiducial Association

    Saturday, June 23, 2018 - Friday, June 29,

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Herb cordial

It is a natural drink using herbs and fruits that have been popular in the UK since long ago. It is possible to enjoy various ways, such as dividing with water, hot water, carbonated water, adding it to herbal tea. Recommended when you want to refresh your mood or relaxing time.

Elderflower: Refreshing taste similar to Muscat
Cranberry & Hibiscus: colorful and fruity flavor like ruby
Pink Ginger: ARATA of Korea ginger and lemon tangy and spicy flavor
375 ml (dilution type) ¥ 2,400 (tax included ¥ 2,592)

"Business course" campaign

During the period, we will present a maintenance kit to those who use the business course (30 minutes ¥ 5,400 (tax included)).

* It will end as soon as it is gone.

Holding ~ October 31, 2018 (Wednesday)

Summer only! BBQ Burger & Fly!

BBQ Shack Meister ¥ 930 (excluding tax)
BBQ Bacon cheese fry Small ¥ 530 (excluding tax) Regular ¥ 750 (tax excluded)

BBQ sauce that is rich in crispy shallots and bamboo sticks with beef patty and luxurious fried toppings of cheese, BBQ sauce and bacon for potatoes.

July 1, 2018 (Sunday) - August 31 (Fri)
* It will end as soon as it is gone.


In the history of Tumi, the lightest luggage collection "TUMI Latitude (Tumiratitude)". Surprisingly high Tumi has a durability own leather ARATA specific materials, employs a reinforced polypropylene (SRPP ballistic), achieve a fusion of high performance and style. Also equipped with a reinforcing rod on the inside to strengthen the robustness of the case, most ARATA even traveling at the wheel system smoothly. We offer comfortable travel life.

Just Because - Just that alone ...

Why do not you give casual feelings to someone close to you, such as those who think of you from day to day, lovers or friends, with a message card? We will hold a gift proposal events during the period. Would you like to tell the feeling of an important person in a playful space such as a crane game?

Monday, June 25, 2018 - Wednesday, 27th

LANZZO (Ranzo)

LANZZO (Ranzo)
A stylish suitcase that produces "unique travel" with advanced technology and Scandinavian designers born with tags. We will sell for a limited time.

From Tuesday, June 19, 2018 to Sunday, July 1, 2018

Roppongi Hills Arena "at BørneLund early summer of Pureide" held!

BørneLund carefully selected playing equipment from all over the world, "Dynamic Experience of Nordic Outside Play" is available! From the tools that play all the way with water and wind under a big sky, from the baby 's familiarity to the play tools. Three experience zones are available. Please come and visit our family.

* raining hard, it will be canceled in case of stormy weather.

Saturday, June 30, 2018 12: 00 ~ 17: 00

For more informationHere

KE EN limited time sale

We will sell sandals of footwear brand "KEEN (Keen)" from Portland, Oregon, USA for a limited time only. We will also expand papa · mama size from kids size, such as amphibious type convenient for "Concepts" to "protect your toes with sandals".

Friday, June 15, 2018 - Tuesday, July 31

The 40th anniversary 2nd bullet "Mozzarella and spaghetti with tomatoes and garlic" ¥ 1,130 (tax excluded)

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the foundation, we will sell "Mozzarella and tomato and spaghetti of garlic" of "feast version" containing mozzarella cheese in classic "tomato and garlic spaghetti" during the period.

In progress ~ Friday, August 31, 2018

Crocodile special order party

We have many samples of exotic leather including crocodile! (Part of the photo)
There is also a special color that can hardly be seen!

Saturday, June 23, 2018 - Friday, June 29,

Mary Style Music Live

We will hold a music live by pop musician "Marie Style" by vocal + piano two person formation. You can enjoy live performance on behalf of usual BGM. Enjoy coffee time at Starbucks while being wrapped in the best music.

Sunday, June 17th from 13: 30 to 14: 30
Sunday, July 1 (Sunday) 13: 30 ~ 14: 30
July 16 (Monday · Holiday) 13: 30 ~ 14: 30

O 'burger weekday lunch ¥ 1,950 (tax included ¥ 2,100), holiday lunch ¥ 2,600 (tax included ¥ 2,800)

Uses short-length cattle characteristic of the taste of rich meat with less fat and putty. Please enjoy the taste weaving with anchovy butter and mozzarella.
With side dish & drink.

B bar 15th Anniversary

Back in 2003, B bar made its global debut as the one and only bar where the world of Baccarat can be experienced and this year, we are celebrating its 15th anniversary.
We would like to send you our deepest appreciation for the continuous support over the years and would love to invite you to celebrate with us. Everyone that joins us will be served the all-time favorite truffle chocolate from Karuizawa’s “Hermitage de Tamura”. You will also be able to enjoy our special 15th anniversary cocktail “Eden”, and of course drinks and cigars that cannot be experienced elsewhere will be provided. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of Baccarat along with the finest quality of hospitality.

June 1st (Fri) – June 30th (Sat), 2018

TOKYO 1878 Tumbler "Fuji"

At the Paris Expo in 1878, a lot of Japonismu's works were highly appreciated, Baccarat received the Grand Prix.
This tumbler is designed based on the drawing of the work of 1878 years, which is stored in Baccarat archive. Dynamic waves reminiscent of Hokusai's ukiyoe prints, mountains of sun and Mt. Fuji in distant landscape, and two cranes that fly swiftly are drawn by sandblasting.

TOKYO 1878 Tumbler "Fuji" ¥ 25,000 (excluding tax)

[Seasonal Limited! Jun Yuba Udon noodles

Taste of summer in Morigadake area in Akita Prefecture. It is abundant in vitamins, contains dietary fiber, low-calorie punches handled carefully one by one, freshly harvested directly. Today's only Inaniyado udon can be served with refreshing soup stock refreshing seasonal taste of Akita Prefecture with a raw texture made with juni's pull and natural sweetness spreading raw yuba.

¥ 1,836 (tax included)

From Friday, June 1, 2018 to Sunday, July 15,

[Lunch] Nasi Goren Plate ¥ 1,047 (¥ 1,130 including tax)
Weekday course Lunch menu Bianco ¥ 4,500 (tax included)

I chose a selection of ingredients that I examined for dinner for lunch. Enjoy the taste of ILBrio's dinner at lunch.
11: 00 ~ 14: 00 LO

[Today's soup / 2 daily changing appetizers / 1 daily hot dish / recommended season of fish dishes / meat dishes (please select one item) / Assorted 2 desserts with pan / coffee]

※ Menu display price will be the price including consumption tax · service charge.
* Customers using private rooms at advance booking will be charged a service charge of 10% separately.

Take-out lunch sales started

Start selling take-out lunch to lunch time and dinner time from April 2018! Please use all means.

【Lunch time / quantity limitation】 Hand-made lunch box 11: 00 ~ 15: 00 (sold at store entrance)
· Beef tongue and beef tallow beef tall \ 800 (tax included)
· Bibimbap weight ¥ 800 (tax included)
· Miso beef tangerue ¥ 800 (tax included)

【Dinner time · Pre-order only】 Selected Wagyu Beef Baked Bento 17: 00 ~ 24: 00
· Top loin lunch ¥ 2,400 (tax included)
· Upper bowl lunch ¥ 2,300 (tax included)
· Top eartan salt bento ¥ 2,200 (tax included)
· Loose box lunch ¥ 1,800 (tax included)
· Calvi box lunch ¥ 1,700 (tax included)
· Harami bento ¥ 1,600 (tax included)
· Selected 3 types of upper barbecue box ¥ 3,400 (tax included)

※ For reservations please contact the store

M3, M4 series

M3, M4 drivers equipped with TaylorMade's new technology "Twist face" & "Hammerhead", also equipped with new technology "rib core", designed to fly more straight, farther and higher, M3 , M4 iron and so on, you can try newly released products.
(* The specs of clubs that can be tested are limited.) Please contact the store for details.

Start handling of strollers [Cybex]

We started handling of stroller [Cybex] born in Germany. At the shop front we will exhibit MIOS which was released last year. Please try shopping strollers that combine safety, functionality and design.

More convenient! online shopping

We receive the shopping of the online shop at the store and the service which can pay at the store starts!
If you choose "store" as the recipient of the item ordered at Reebok Online Shop, we will deliver it "free shipping". After trying on the item you ordered, you can pay at the store checkout. You can also earn Hills card points, so you can shop better at a price.

Reebok Online ShopHere

More convenient! online shopping

We receive the shopping of the online shop at the store and the service which can pay at the store starts!
If you choose "store" as the recipient of the item ordered at the Adidas online shop, we will deliver it "free shipping". After trying on the item you ordered, you can pay at the store checkout. You can also earn points for Hills cards, so you can shop at great price.

Adidas Online ShopHere

More convenient! online shopping

We receive the shopping of the online shop at the store and the service which can pay at the store starts!
If you choose "store" as the recipient of the item ordered at the Adidas online shop, we will deliver it "free shipping". After trying on the item you ordered, you can pay at the store checkout. You can also earn Hills card points, so you can shop better at a price.

Adidas Online ShopHere

Coordinate shoes coordination with parents!

"MEXICO 66 TS" combines functionality that was devised to make children easier to wear and designs of adult versions. It fits perfectly for fashion when you go out, as well as usually wearing. By all means, please enjoy the matching Corde with parents.

Émonda SL 5

Lightweight carbon middleweight grade "Émonda SL 5" continues OCLV 500 frame, keeping the finished car price ¥ 213,000 (tax-excluded) while updating the brake to direct mount, more people will be given "SL" series You can experience the racing performance of. And it is assembled with the full component of Shimano and inherits BB 90, seat mast, H2 fit geometry, built-in cable and so on.

SCISSOR LACE DRESS ¥ 29,000 (excluding tax)

2017 AUTUMN WINTER Special items in Japan only appear in the women's collection from the season. Maxi-length dress of cotton material with paisley × scissor's unique embroidery. Finish with a gradually spreading A-line silhouette, to a nostalgic atmosphere. A deeply opened V-neck will produce a feeling of falling out like this year.

Lunch course

Piccolo Menu ¥ 1,800 (tax included)
You can choose appetizers, pasta and dessert from the menu (with coffee)

Brianza Menu ¥ 3,000 (tax included)
You can choose appetizer, pasta, main dish, dessert from the menu (with coffee)

Chef's special Menu ¥ 5,000 (tax included)
All-chef course of over 8 chefs

※ The lunch menu was changed from Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Color control puree

¥ 2,800 (tax included ¥ 3,024) Natura Glacess stuck only to natural materials, not using ingredients that are burdensome on the skin.
Even if you touch the baby's skin it is quality, no worries.
I am awarded Monde Selection.


Roppongi Hills Topics

Roppongi Hills Sale Start on Saturday, June 30, 2018!

The sale holding shops will be released on Friday, June 29, so please look forward to it!

2018 Autumn / Winter Fashion Early Reservation & Fiducial Association

Roppongi Hills , we will hold a pre-order and funeral meeting for fall and winter items for seven days from Saturday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 29th, 2018.

Guide to West Walk 4F Men's Zone

We will guide you through the men's zone centered on high-casual men's fashion by Japanese designers and creators driving the era.

Complimentary services received with Roppongi Hills tickets (ticket stubs)

It is a pleasant service such as 10% OFF discount and a special limited set menu which can be received only by showing the tickets of the use facility on the target restaurant & cafe.

Kids' Guide

You can enjoy Roppongi Hills with your children, with peace of mind. We welcome everyone to visit to enjoy a meal, shop, and make use of our services and facilities.

Hills Card Kids Club member wanted! Birthday benefits available as well!

Hills Cards for children under elementary school sixth grade or older If you join a kids club for those who have kids club members, you are eligible for profitable information such as membership limited e-magazines and benefit services.
Please take this opportunity to join us!