1. Halloween limited menu: ROPPONGI HILLS HAPPY HALLOWE EN 2018

    October 11 (Thu) - 31 (Wed) in 2018

  2. A masterpiece of autumn fragrant

    October 5, 2018 (Friday) to October 31 (Wed)

  3. WEST WALK 4F Men's presented by HYPEBEAST

    October 12 (Fri) - November 30 (Fri) of 2018

  4. FEEL JAPAN Campaign 2018 Fall

    September 29 (Sat) - November 30 (Fri) in 2018

  5. To enjoy more Roppongi Hills

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Shop & Restaurant News

Monthly aroma October - October-

It is a fragrance that balances mind and body, which is easy to feel disorder at the beginning of the falling temperature. The deep sweetness of Orange Sweet and Roman Chamomile calls for rest and caring for discordance of the digestive system. Spearmint and black spruce spicy aroma support the change of immunity and give vitality.

Blended oil 5 ml ¥ 2,000 (tax included ¥ 2,160)
Aroma spray 100ml ¥ 1,800 (tax included ¥ 1,944)

* limited quantity, it will end as soon as it is gone.

Pet dog shoot meeting & original goods creation meeting

Let the professional cameraman Photo: dog! Photo: was from a photo KARE such as Nda-mug, you can create original goods. (收费)
Reservation priority will be taken, so please reserve by Tel .

For more informationHere

Saturday, October 27, 2018 to Sunday, October 28, from 11: 00 to 20: 00

Autumn's Hokuhoku earthenware rice

Please relish the five kinds of autumn taste. In the set menu, with cloud soup and dessert!

· Beef and mushrooms Rice dish ¥ 1,380 (excluding tax) Set ¥ 1,680 (tax excluded)
· Shrimp and ginkgo rice dish ¥ 1,380 (excluding tax) Set ¥ 1,680 (tax excluded)
· Tempered rice with chicken and chestnut ¥ 1,080 (excluding tax) Set ¥ 1,380 (tax excluded)
· Eggplant and pork rose pork rice ¥ 1,080 (tax excluded) set ¥ 1,380 (tax excluded)
· Autumn Salmon and Takanabe Tamba Rice ¥ 1,180 (Tax excluded) Set ¥ 1,480 (tax excluded)

Holding ~ November 15, 2018 (Thur)

PickAbrick Build Challenge

The theme of this mini kit is "Scarecrow".
You can bring out the unlimited parts (about 80 pieces) that you can pack into the created mini kit and events dedicated cup. About 70 minutes, the staff attend to the child. Please participate in the events picking up your child's creativity, Pick's Build Build Challenge.

Date and time: Saturday, October 27, 2018 9: 30-10: 40
Participation fee: ¥ 1,000 (tax included)
Reservation: reservation reservation required (deadline as it becomes capacity)
Target age: Elementary school student (please be accompanied by adults by all means)

* details please contact the store

TUMI × SOPHNET. Collaboration Collection

This fall, in TUMI × SOPHNET. Of collaboration collection was born from the commitment "functional" to "design" ARATA correct style appeared. Lightweight and slim carry on, a business brief pack with a variety of pockets, and Sococh that can act easily, business line not only business but also active at traveling lineup. The combination of SOPH. Navy and Navy duck is a cool style.

Coffee released!

HOT coffee ¥ 380 (excluding tax)
HOT latte ¥ 480 (excluding tax)
Come with a burger or ice dessert "Concrete".

Released October 1, 2018 (Monday)

Trade in campa

We will exchange for 1 piece of trade-in "¥ 1,000 TICKET".

Trade-in period · ticket expiration date: October 1, 2018 (Monday) to October 31 (Wednesday)

Trade goods for: WE Men's shoes, Wie Men's bag

About 1,000 TCKET: Odette e Odile trade-in campaign It is possible to use it at the store only at the time of payment. It can not be used at other UNITED ARROWS group stores.

※ For details please contact the store.

Mary Style Music Live

We will hold a music live by pop musician "Marie Style" by vocal + piano two person formation. You can enjoy live performance on behalf of usual BGM. Enjoy coffee time at Starbucks while being wrapped in the best music.

October 8 (Monday · Holiday) 13: 30 ~ 14: 30
Sunday, October 21 (Sunday) 13: 30 ~ 14: 30

The 40th anniversary third bullet "Truffle ball and duck raw pasta, cream sauce" ¥ 1,480 (tax excluded)

I made pasta with cross section called Kitara, with duck meat and lotus root chips, finished with cream sauce. Melt ball-shaped truffle balls with sauce.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - Friday, November 16,

Joel Robuchon & Veuve Clemento's Halloween events "Yelloween"

We will hold a Halloween events "Yelloween (Yellow Wine)" where you can taste a special menu tailored to the champagne of Veuve and Clicquot. You can enjoy gifts of original goods and enchanting performances. It is also a must see photo call with fantastic decoration with bold playful spirit.

Date and time of opening: Friday, October 26, 2018 19: 30 ~ 21: 30 (19:00 reception start)
Price: ¥ 15,000 per person (tax included, food and drinks included)
Reservation · Inquiries: 03-5772-7500 (reception Hours 11: 00 ~ 21: 00)

* It will be an events in the standing style.
* Reservations are accepted only for customers over the age of 20.


During the term, we will present Liberty Miller with first-come first-served basis for purchases over ¥ 16,200 (tax included) (including FITH items). FITH autumn items are fulfilling, so please come to this opportunity.

September 20 (Thur) - End as soon as it is gone

【Autumn Limited】 Three kinds of small dragon wrappers in autumn (Matsutake, Kaki no Mushi, White Mushroom)

Small dragon packet wrapped carefully one by one in handmade cloth is a dish that boasts of meat juice with taste condensed and delicious soup is irresistible. It is three kind of small dragon wrapping which can enjoy the fragrance and texture using autumn taste, matsutake mushrooms, scallion tree mushrooms, white mushrooms.

3 pieces ¥ 702 (tax included)
6 pieces ¥ 1,296 (tax included)

September 1 (Sat) - November 15 (Thur) in 2018

Printed stretch jacket ¥ 56,000 (excluding tax)

A print expressing the iron and rust of a rough factory, inspired by "main blast furnace" which is the main theme of this season. Feel the mode to supple stretch Sing Le peaked lapel. It is a piece that you can enjoy fusion of sporty × elegant.

Facial Beauty / Small Face / Lift

Hydra Dermy Lift Treatment (80 minutes) ¥ 25,000 (excluding tax)

It is a facial menu combining Guinot original beauty equipment and hand technique. Train facial muscles that decline with age, to make it a three-dimensional youthful face line.

* First time customers can experience at trial price (20% OFF).

For reservationsHere

DAZZ SHOP (Dazz shops )

Popularity surging cosmetics DAZZ SHOP.
Good coloring! From natural to artistic makeup, it can correspond widely.
Lip ¥ 3,000 (tax included), etc.

Enzyme whitening enzyme pack

Enzyme pack used even in esthes.

Mix the cream and enzyme powder and remove extra corneum which can not be dropped by daily care. To the skin which was one-tone up with enzyme whitening.

"Business course" campaign

During the period, we will present a maintenance kit to those who use the business course (30 minutes ¥ 5,400 (tax included)).

* It will end as soon as it is gone.

Holding ~ October 31, 2018 (Wednesday)

O 'burger weekday lunch ¥ 1,950 (tax included ¥ 2,100), holiday lunch ¥ 2,600 (tax included ¥ 2,800)

Uses short-length cattle characteristic of the taste of rich meat with less fat and putty. Please enjoy the taste weaving with anchovy butter and mozzarella.
With side dish & drink.

[Lunch] Nasi Goren Plate ¥ 1,047 (¥ 1,130 including tax)
Weekday course Lunch menu Bianco ¥ 4,500 (tax included)

I chose a selection of ingredients that I examined for dinner for lunch. Enjoy the taste of ILBrio's dinner at lunch.
11: 00 ~ 14: 00 LO

[Today's soup / 2 daily changing appetizers / 1 daily hot dish / recommended season of fish dishes / meat dishes (please select one item) / Assorted 2 desserts with pan / coffee]

※ Menu display price will be the price including consumption tax · service charge.
* Customers using private rooms at advance booking will be charged a service charge of 10% separately.

M3, M4 series

M3, M4 drivers equipped with TaylorMade's new technology "Twist face" & "Hammerhead", also equipped with new technology "rib core", designed to fly more straight, farther and higher, M3 , M4 iron and so on, you can try newly released products.
(* The specs of clubs that can be tested are limited.) Please contact the store for details.

More convenient! online shopping

We receive the shopping of the online shop at the store and the service which can pay at the store starts!
If you choose "store" as the recipient of the item ordered at Reebok Online Shop, we will deliver it "free shipping". After trying on the item you ordered, you can pay at the store checkout. You can also earn Hills card points, so you can shop better at a price.

Reebok Online ShopHere

More convenient! online shopping

We receive the shopping of the online shop at the store and the service which can pay at the store starts!
If you choose "store" as the recipient of the item ordered at the Adidas online shop, we will deliver it "free shipping". After trying on the item you ordered, you can pay at the store checkout. You can also earn points for Hills cards, so you can shop at great price.

Adidas Online ShopHere

More convenient! online shopping

We receive the shopping of the online shop at the store and the service which can pay at the store starts!
If you choose "store" as the recipient of the item ordered at the Adidas online shop, we will deliver it "free shipping". After trying on the item you ordered, you can pay at the store checkout. You can also earn Hills card points, so you can shop better at a price.

Adidas Online ShopHere

Émonda SL 5

Lightweight carbon middleweight grade "Émonda SL 5" continues OCLV 500 frame, keeping the finished car price ¥ 213,000 (tax-excluded) while updating the brake to direct mount, more people will be given "SL" series You can experience the racing performance of. And it is assembled with the full component of Shimano and inherits BB 90, seat mast, H2 fit geometry, built-in cable and so on.

SCISSOR LACE DRESS ¥ 29,000 (excluding tax)

2017 AUTUMN WINTER Special items in Japan only appear in the women's collection from the season. Maxi-length dress of cotton material with paisley × scissor's unique embroidery. Finish with a gradually spreading A-line silhouette, to a nostalgic atmosphere. A deeply opened V-neck will produce a feeling of falling out like this year.

Lunch course

Piccolo Menu ¥ 1,800 (tax included)
You can choose appetizers, pasta and dessert from the menu (with coffee)

Brianza Menu ¥ 3,000 (tax included)
You can choose appetizer, pasta, main dish, dessert from the menu (with coffee)

Chef's special Menu ¥ 5,000 (tax included)
All-chef course of over 8 chefs

※ The lunch menu was changed from Thursday, June 1, 2017.


Roppongi Hills Topics

Halloween limited menu: ROPPONGI HILLS HAPPY HALLOWE EN 2018

Taste the taste of the fall! Halloween limited menu!
At restaurant& cafe at Roppongi Hills, we prepared a limited-time menu that you can enjoy from adults to children with the theme of Happy Halloween.

A masterpiece of autumn fragrant

Enjoy the delicious chefs who made use of the commitment of twelve chefs using "Sodachi".

WEST WALK 4F Men's presented by HYPEBEAST

Collaboration limited product release of Roppongi Hills Men's brand and domestic and foreign artists, HYPEBEAST sticker entering limited edition distribution also.

FEEL JAPAN Campaign 2018 Fall

Good service with silver Union card at target store!
For the use of the specified shop, I'd like to get it.
Enjoy fabulous discounts by using your UnionPay card at the participating shops.

HILLS CARD Mastercard Membership Campaign

Maximum ¥ 2,000 worth during the period! In addition, 1,000 points are gifted to everyone who uses over ¥ 5,000 (tax included)! Do not miss this opportunity!

There are lots of "good!"! ! Roppongi Hills special lunches specials

From Roppongi Hills at restaurant, we collected selected lunch boxes.
Check out the special site right now! What shall we have for lunch today?

Guide to West Walk 4F Men's Zone

We will guide you through the men's zone centered on high-casual men's fashion by Japanese designers and creators driving the era.

Complimentary services received with Roppongi Hills tickets (ticket stubs)

It is a pleasant service such as 10% OFF discount and a special limited set menu which can be received only by showing the tickets of the use facility on the target restaurant & cafe.

Kids' Guide

You can enjoy Roppongi Hills with your children, with peace of mind. We welcome everyone to visit to enjoy a meal, shop, and make use of our services and facilities.

Hills Card Kids Club member wanted! Birthday benefits available as well!

Hills Cards for children under elementary school sixth grade or older If you join a kids club for those who have kids club members, you are eligible for profitable information such as membership limited e-magazines and benefit services.
Please take this opportunity to join us!