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Sushi Sukiyabashi Jiro

Edo pre-sushi produced from beautiful works

It is Mr. Takashi Ono, the second son of Mr. Jiro Ono who is the first sushi craftsman of the era. Shiraki 's thorn box contains a superb seed that tells the season. Basics start with a light taste such as flounder and smear. The first half of the mountain ranges from red, middle and large toro to three consecutive. A large sashi is contained in the large toro, and when put in the mouth the fat is melted completely with the vinegared rice of human skin, it disappears fleetingly. After extinguishing the fat in the mouth with exquisite adjustment of vinegar tightening, standing appearance is also a beautiful Taikan and Ikura warship. "When I taste the sea urchin thoroughly, I finally taste the egg chowder" is Mr. Ono's valve. Braised clams, boiled anago and other boiled eggs are tightly closed with moist egg. A harmonious series of sushi is a treasure of Japan.

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The ultimate Edo-choshu sushi, which creates an indomitable exploration spirit

Brilliant Sushi Sushi is born out of an indomitable exploratory spirit that makes the best possible. Shari is a small grain rigid rice with fat. Even if it is combined with vinegar, it sticks to the neta without tingling, unraveling at the moment of putting it in the mouth. There is no point in listing every single retort. For example, shrimps pass fire just before grasping. "Head has a miso with strong taste, so please eat it from the tail" and the big carp shrimp served with two cuttings is beautiful with red and white color and elegant sweetness.

  • About 15 nights a day about 20 nights
    About 15 nights a day about 20 nights

    Daytime approximately 15 years old ¥ 18,400 (tax included) Nightly about 20 years old ¥ 25,900 (tax included)
    Course tailoring offering one by one consecutive in consideration of the balance of temperature and taste of story material.
    In addition, there are also sashimi and your choice of sashimi.

  • Early morning opening
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  • Late night business
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  • Private room
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  • Take-out
  • Non smoking
  • Terrace seats
Category Japanese cuisine · Sushi
Area Roppongi Keyakizaka-dori 3F
Hours Lunch 11:30 ~ 14:00 / Dinner 17:30 ~ 21:00 / Colsed on Wednesday
Tel 03-5413-6626
Number of seats 8
Average budget -
HILLS CARD Hills Point Target / Credit Point Target (2%, 3% on Sunday)
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