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Online work Shops in WEB conferencing system "Zoom" (Free use). In order for even the first one to have fun and participate, please prepare in advance for "Zoom" by referring to the steps (1) to (4) below.

(1) Installation of "Zoom" (Free)

Please download "Zoom" from the download page below and follow the instructions to install it. Online work Shops to participate in, the sign-up (new registration) and an update to the paid version, you do not need.

●When using a PC

download page

Click "Zoom Client for Meeting" on the download page above to download.

●When using a tablet
Download from App Store for iPad

Other tablets Download from Google Play

(2) "Zoom" test meeting

You can have a Zoom test meeting from the link below.
Work Shops we recommend that you try the basic operations before to participate.

Test meeting

(3) How to operate "Zoom"

Online work Shops the function and operation of the Zoom to use during are summarized in the following page.
Work Shops we recommend that you visit before to participate.

Information on how to operate

(4) Internet line

Online work Shops participation in the Free you, but, communication expenses will be borne by the participants.
We recommend using an internet connection with unlimited traffic.

[Recommended speed of internet connection]2-3 Mbps or more

[Estimated amount of communication per Hours]About 300MB-1GB

FAQFrequently asked questions

Zoom FAQ

I can't download Zoom.
Please try the following method.
  • Download after restarting the computer or tablet
  • Change your internet browser to download
  • Change the settings of your security software and download
If the above does not solve the problem, please contact the support center of the Zoom official website.

Zoom Official Website / Support Center

Do I need to sign up for Zoom?

No sign up required. Only the installation of Zoom, it is not necessary to sign up online work Shops you can participate in.

I'm worried that I can operate Zoom

If you're new to Zoom or your parents, we recommend having a test meeting.
When the advance'll try the operation, online work Shops you can join us with confidence.

Zoom Official Website / Test Meeting

I don't know how to set or operate Zoom.

For settings and operation methods, please check the Zoom official website below.

Zoom Official Website / Help Center

Do I need a dedicated camera or microphone?

If your laptop or tablet has a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker, you don't need any additional equipment. If you use earphones, you will be able to hear the voices of the teacher and other participants more easily.

Online work Shops communication amount of time that participated in the will to care

1 Hours of online work Shops communication amount of a guideline to be used in will be about 300MB~1GB.
The communication volume may exceed the standard, so We appreciate your understanding.

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