52F indoor observation deck

Entrance Sky Gallery 1 (Tokyo Tower, Odaiba direction) Sky Gallery 2 (Haneda, Ebisu, Yokohama, Mt. Fuji direction) Sky Gallery 3 (Shinjuku, Shibuya direction) TOKYO CITY VIEW Souvenir Shop Museum Cafe & Restaurant: The Sun & The Moon Center Atrium Mori Art Museum Mori Arts Center Gallery Information


Take the express elevator from the third floor to the 52nd floor.

You’ll be greeted with magnificent vistas of the Tokyo metropolis unfolding before your eyes as soon as you step into the entrance.

Sky Gallery 1 (Tokyo Tower, Odaiba direction)

This is TOKYO CITY VIEW’s most popular viewing area.

This location offers splendid views of Tokyo Tower directly ahead, as well as views of Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge, and Odaiba. On clear days, viewers can see all the way to Chiba’s Boso Peninsula.

Sky Gallery 2 (Haneda, Ebisu, Yokohama, Mt. Fuji direction)

From here you can see famous sites like Ebisu Garden Place and Yokohama Landmark Tower.

The striking profile of Mt. Fuji is visible on clear days. This is a popular location for photographing Mt. Fuji’s silhouette against the red tinted sky at sunset.

Sky Gallery 3 (Shinjuku, Shibuya direction)

This spot offers views in the direction of Shibuya, Yoyogi Park, Aoyama Cemetery, the Shinjuku Imperial Gardens, and the Shinjuku subcenter

The cherry blossoms in full bloom in Aoyama Cemetery and Yoyogi Park are visible in the spring.

Watch with your own eyes as the changing seasons sweep across central Tokyo.


This shop offers various goods, including original TOKYO CITY VIEW merchandise and souvenirs of Tokyo and Roppongi Hills.

It also sells merchandise from current events underway at TOKYO CITY VIEW.

Be sure to stop by when you visit TOKYO CITY VIEW.

Museum Cafe & Restaurant: The Sun & The Moon

The Sun & The Moon is a bright, airy casual cafe where diners can enjoy light meals in a comfortable, sunlit space, combined with a restaurant offering seasonal menus and magnificent views.

Visitors are encouraged to stop by before, during, or after enjoying art and the views.


Center Atrium

The Center Atrium serves as the entrance to the Mori Art Museum on the 53rd floor. The rooftop Sky Deck can be entered from here too.

Mori Art Museum

Based on its philosophy of a contemporary perspective and internationalism, the Mori Art Museum hosts a wide range of programs including major exhibitions that provide an introduction to global trends in contemporary art in addition to exhibiting collections and screening motion pictures. This contemporary art museum provides an opportunity to experience diverse art from around the world, centered on Asia.

Mori Arts Center Gallery

This art space adjacent to the observation deck hosts quality exhibitions on a wide range of themes, ranging from the collections of world-famous art museums to Japanese and international comics and animation, motion pictures, fashion, and design.


Here you can buy additional admission tickets and ask questions about the facilities.

Feel free to stop by anytime.