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  2. New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Measures "HILLS Rules for Everyone"

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ショップ 11:00~20:00 / レストラン 11:00~20:00

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六本木ヒルズ総合インフォメーション TEL 03-6406-6000 (電話受付時間:11:00~19:00)

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Roppongi Hills Takeout WEB

Introducing the take-out menu of Roppongi Hills "100 selectable take-out menus" that can be used for lunch every day and "Roppongi Hills feast" where you can enjoy the dishes that the famous restaurants are proud of at home. Please use it according to We encourage you to make use of this service.




ショップ & レストランニュース

[期間限定]ラトリエ ドゥ ジョエル・ロブションが贈る4種のテイクアウトメニュー配送開始のご案内

ラトリエ ドゥ ジョエル・ロブションでは、緊急事態宣言発令中に限り、現在販売しております4種の春のテイクアウトメニューの配送を開始いたします。一部エリア(一部地域)については、ご注文お1つからでも配送をお受けいたします。
おうち時間を華やかに演出するラトリエ ドゥ ジョエル・ロブションならではのテイクアウトメニューをお楽しみください。

* details please contact the store.





60分 ¥6,050(税込)
90分 ¥9,130(税込)





ヒルサイド 1Fゴールデンタイガーでは、期間限定でテイクアウト全品20%オフを実施中!(通常は10%オフ)


Curry and rice (brown rice) Various take-out ¥ 900 (tax included), in-store dining ¥ 920 (tax included)

There are always 5 types, such as “Rumky McCurry” using lamb meat rich in protein, “Japanese chicken curry” with Japanese style, and “Soy meat dry curry” using only soy meat and vegetable ingredients. Please choose your favorite cup from the menu lineup.


Shops & Restaurants Information

INSPIRED GIFTS Roppongi Hills Gift

Roppongi Hills offers a wide variety of gifts that are perfect as gifts for loved ones. Introducing gems and petit gifts selected from limited items.

Roppongi Hills gastronomy WEB for a moment with a loved one

You can easily search for private rooms and course contents according to the person and scene you are eating, such as family, lover, and friends, and enjoy your meal with peace of mind.

Guide to West Walk 4F Men's Zone

We will guide you through the men's zone centered on high-casual men's fashion by Japanese designers and creators driving the era.


Pop-up space for high-sensitivity "fashion" and "food" information

六本木ヒルズノースタワーB1F フード & ギフトエリア

六本木ヒルズ ノースタワーB1Fは、イートインでもテイクアウトでも便利に使える6店舗が揃うフードエリアと、限定商品から選び抜かれた逸品が揃う12店舗のギフトエリア。六本木ヒルズでしか味わえないメニューや限定商品も多数取り揃えています。

Complimentary services received with Roppongi Hills tickets (ticket stubs)

Target tickets for the day of use facility Restaurants It is a nice service such as discount of 10% OFF and special limited set menu which can be received just by showing in & cafe.

Kids' Guide

You can enjoy Roppongi Hills with your children, with peace of mind. We welcome everyone to visit to enjoy a meal, shop, and make use of our services and facilities.

Hills Card Kids Club member wanted! Birthday benefits available as well!


六本木ヒルズ GO TO トラベル「地域共通クーポン」、GO TO EAT「プレミアム付食事券」利用可能店舗(5月12日更新)

六本木ヒルズ内のショップ&レストラン、グランド ハイアット 東京のうち、対象店舗では、GO TOトラベル「地域共通クーポン」、GO TO EAT「プレミアム付食事券」をご利用いただけます。詳しくはこちらをご確認ください。

* Currently, GO TO Travel is temporarily suspended and GO TO EAT is self-restraint as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.