As part of the idea of making Roppongi Hills a center of culture in Tokyo, various types of art have been exhibited at each site in the area.
Over 20 world-famous artists and designers were specially commissioned to produce works to enable visitors to the city to freely come into contact with art.

Takashi Murakami [Roku Roku Seijin]

There are 7 of these main alien characters in all. These unique characters have created a unique type of space that until now had not been seen in Roppongi. This was the result of collaboration with Ryu Murakami, a Japanese artist who draws attention worldwide.
This was the result of collaboration with Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist who draws attention worldwide.

Ryuichi Sakamoto [“The Land Song” - Music for Artelligent City]

The Roppongi Hills Land Song can be heard in Roppongi Hills every hour on the hour.
Its drum arrangement helps create a Roppongi Hills sharp and futuristic feeling, and its melody connects with anyone.
It is the result of a collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto, who is based in New York and active all over the world.

Jonathan Bambrek [Logo design]

Generally, logos are expressed in one type. However, the Roppongi Hills logo comes in several variations for specific uses to represent the new values being generated and the constant changes occurring in the city.
Jonathan Bambrek manages one of the most well-known design studios in the UK.

Public Art and Design

Collaboration with various artists helps realize the concept of Roppongi Hills as the “cultural heart of the city. ”

Public Art and Design