Roppongi Cleanup

"Roppongi Cleanup" is a major regional contribution activity of this residents association that started from December 2003.

Participants are expected to attend about 120 people on average every month from people living in Roppongi Hills, facility employees in Roppongi Hills, store employees, office workers, neighborhood towns and schools, etc. It is.

The purpose of the event is "to clean up the city of Roppongi" and "enjoy interaction with various people of Hills!"

Would you like to clean the city with you once a month morning?



Thank you for your continued support of Roppongi Cleanup.
We have hoped that it can be restarted as soon as possible, but we have not yet seen the end of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and at the moment there is no prospect of restarting.
Therefore, it is very disappointing, but it will be canceled for a while.
We will continue to consider and judge the timing of resuming each time, while keeping the health and safety of everyone as our top priority.
When it is planned to restart, we will inform you again on the Roppongi cleanup page at the beginning of the month as usual.
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to your cooperation in restarting cleanup.

Thank you for your continued support for Roppongi Cleanup.