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Dr.Liu Method HARI-UP

Hari-up's acupuncture and massage treatment is an operation that considers the relationship with internal organs function against pain and stiffness. We will work on preventive medicine from balancing the perception of the five organs, solve the problems of beauty, from discomfort due to stiff shoulder, headache, back pain, and stress. I am doing acupuncture treatment combined with massage with a stimulus which is not burdened on the body even for the first time. We also have stretch / reflexology courses for people who are swollen, tired, sports.

  • [初回限定]50分・70分コース




Category Beauty · Health
Area West Walk 6F
Hours 10:00~21:00

We may change the temporary closure and Hours
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Tel Treatment reservation 03-3403-0866
Relaxation reservation 03-6804-2808
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