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レゴ® スクールは、レゴ社独自の教育システムと発達段階に合わせたカリキュラム、レゴ社認定のインストラクターによる少人数制レッスンで学びの意欲が高まるレッスン展開をしています。「Learning by Making」レゴ社独自の教育システムによって、レゴ®ブロックを教材に何かを作るという体験を通して子どもたちの潜在能力を引き出していきます。「Playful Learning」楽しみながら、子どもたちの考える力、豊かな想像力を育みます。「Let it flow」子どもたちは"考えることの楽しさ"を体験します。「Open-ended」答えは1つではない、オープンエンド方式で行っています。

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Hours 11: 00-19: 00 / Saturday and Sunday 10 am-7 pm

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Global curriculum

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3+ Explorer for young children
Main learning: Words, numbers, colors, order, spatial recognition, self-expression, understanding emotions
4+ Creator for middle-aged children
Main learning: observation, classification, comparison, collaborative work, sociality, linguistic expression
5+ Inventor For older children
Main learning: Structural / physical fundamentals, mathematical thinking, rule understanding, invention and idea expression
6+ Innovator First grade students
Main learning: Mechanism basics, planning and execution / analysis, Hours axis, development of imagination and creativity, discovery of tasks
World of Science For 2nd and 3rd grade students
Main learning: Guess and verification, use of diagrams, use of chemistry and technology, flexible thinking and creativity, respect and communication
The Code Creator / WeDo Scratch Academy For elementary school students 1st and 2nd grade and above
Main learning: ICT utilization, programming basics, scientific inquiry, collaboration, presentation
World of Coding For grades 2 and 3 and up
Main learning: Technology utilization and programming to discover and solve real-world problems, contribution as a member of society, open project initiatives
World of Robotics Elementary school 3rd and 4th grade and above
Main learning: Logical and critical thinking incorporating STEM elements, information selection and decision making, collaboration for problem solving

Original curriculum

2+ Early Brick For preschoolers