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The LEGO®Store a brand store with a new Concepts of LEGO ® block, which is popular all over the world in Denmark. There is a "Pick a Brick" section where you can select parts of your choice of colors and shapes and buy them in a special cup and you can buy them in an unlimited format.

  • LEGO® Ideas Steamboat Willi ...
    LEGO® Ideas Steamship Willie On Sale!

    Distribution Limited Products LEGO® Idea 21317 Steamship Willie On Sale!
    Steamboat Willie Rego reproduces the first animated short film "Steamboat Willie" featuring Mickey Mouse from Disney. Please take a look at the model at the store.

    * Please contact the store for confirmation of stock in advance when visiting the store.
    * This product has not been pre-sold.

  • Birthday wrapping start!
    Birthday wrapping start!

    We started wrapping service for customers who bought a birthday gift.

    * some exclusion product. We appreciate your understanding.

  • Key ring stamp
    Key ring stamp

    We charge services that allow you to engrave your favorite character on block type key ring. Why do not you make your own key ring by putting in your favorite characters from Hiragana, Katakana, Alphabet, Numbers, Symbols? You can also match with character key ring. (※ The last reception Hours is 20: 30. For details, please inquire at the store.)

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