Roppongi Hills Arena

Renewal open with the whole floor flat

Located in the heart of the Roppongi Hills complex, the Roppongi Hills Arena is a multi-purpose entertainment space with a retractable roof. From live events on the circular stage to performances that use the entire area, this open-air space meets the needs of a variety of events.

O-Yane Plaza

Under an impressive transparent glass roof, the O-YANE PLAZA is a vast open space located at the intersection of Art Walk and West Walk, 2 major pedestrian arteries through Roppongi Hills. Light filters through the large glass roof into a semi-outdoor open space that has a bright, open feel. The space can be used year-round without being affected by the weather.

Hills Café/Space

O-YANE Hills Café/Spaceは、六本木ヒルズの中心という好立地に位置し、スペースに面する“アートウォーク”は、メトロハット(日比谷線六本木駅)からレジデンスまで街を南北に繋ぐ主要動線の一部であり、ここには森美術館、東京シティビュー(展望台)、アカデミーヒルズ、六本木ヒルズクラブ(会員制クラブ)といった街の文化施設のエントランスや、TOHOシネマズのエントランスが並び、常に人々が行き交う、六本木ヒルズの要所です。