Roppongi Hills Offices

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is an office building in which world-class financial, IT, media, and legal firms meet under one roof. Starting with the symbol of the “city”, the Mori Art Museum, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is a mixed-use skyscraper that provides the full range of support for the building’s business tenants and for the lifestyles of the people who work there. It also has Academy Hills, a facility that combines conference rooms, a members-only library, and school, along with shops, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, and the members-only Roppongi Hills Club.

Appeal of the Roppongi Hills offices

A city for the exchange of information

The Roppongi Art Triangle includes global corporations, embassies, and the Mori Art Museum. Roppongi is a place where people from around the world gather in search of stimulation and to exchange the most up-to-date information about politics, economics, culture, and the arts. It is one of the world’s most vibrant areas for information culture. Roppongi is a business center that is evolving and deepening from day to day and minute to minute. Roppongi represents a significant step up for a company’s business.

A sophisticated, multipurpose city

Roppongi Hills has shops, hotels, parks, and events. Stimulating the curiosity and interest of so many people, Roppongi Hills is a treasure trove of business opportunities. With its collections of modern art, architecture, fashion, and design, the Mori Art Museum stimulates the creativity of business. Academy Hills provides space for international meetings, exhibitions, and a library. And then there is the private Roppongi Hills Club.

A safe city for peace of mind

Roppongi Hills is a city where people can take refuge, rather than evacuate from. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower provides rock-solid infrastructure support for corporate business continuity planning (BCP), with its own independent power plant supplying electric power.

A city that brings the workplace close to home

Located in Tokyo’s leading international business district, Roppongi Hills is surrounded by an exclusive residential district that is one of the quietest residential areas in the heart of the city. The Roppongi Hills Residences also contain serviced apartments. These make it possible to have a lifestyle in which people live in close proximity to their workplaces.

A city with diverse workplaces

Roppongi Hills is more than just the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower; it includes the Roppongi Hills Gate Tower, Roppongi Hills North Tower, Roppongi Hills Crosspoint, Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka Terrace, as well as a wide range of office spaces that vary in size and shape supporting a diversity of business tenants.

A city that fosters exchange between the people who work there

Roppongi Hills provides a variety of services so that the people who work here can better enjoy office life. Restaurants in the complex offer preferential services with discount prices for daily lunches, and futsal tournaments, golfing, and other events are offered periodically only to office workers to improve communication between workers.

Rank 54 floors above ground, 6 basement floors
Construction Steel frame (pillars: CFT), steel-reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete (basement)
Total floor area 379,408 m² (114,771 tsubo)
Total rental area 179,000 m² (54,150 tsubo)
Parking capacity 1,017 vehicles
Elevator 32 passenger elevators, 4 emergency elevators
Date completed April 2003
Design KPF, Mori Building First-Class Registered Architect Office, Irie Miyake Architects and Engineers
Construction Joint project by Obayashi and Kajima