Roppongi Hills Residences

Roppongi Hills is a “city” with diverse international cultures, a place where people meet and exchange ideas. Starting with the symbol of the area, the Mori Arts Center, Roppongi Hills contains a retail zone with Tokyo’s first downtown cinema complex, leading-brand shops, and pleasant cafés, as well as a television station, hotels, and other facilities, making Roppongi Hills a cutting-edge cultural center in the heart of Tokyo.
Living in a Roppongi Hills Residence is a way to extend that “city” into your own home.

The appeal of Roppongi Hills residences

Mori Living is a lifestyle brand that is focused on residences. One of the appeals of living at Roppongi Hills is the way each residence is designed as a space that attaches the highest priority to the comfort of those living here. Roppongi Hills residences set a new standard of complete relaxation and living.

Mori Living also provides residents with a variety of services and benefits to ensure their comfort.

Interior view

六本木ヒルズレジデンスは、コンラン & パートナーズをはじめとした著名デザイナーによる幅広いインテリアタイプをご用意しています。高層ならではの眺望に加え、上質なデザインと快適な空間が魅力です。

Serviced apartments (Roppongi Hills Residence D)

Serviced apartments are fully furnished with the items you need for daily living, including furniture, kitchens, and tableware. These apartments are rented for periods of at least one month. Residents can count on complete security. The bilingual front-desk staff is there 24 hours a day, there are 5 members-only Hills Spa locations, and a variety of other services are offered to residents. From the day you check in, you can enjoy a level of comfort no different from your own home.

Hospitality (front-desk services)

Our hospitality services make the time our residents spend at Mori Living richer and more enjoyable. Our bilingual front desk support staff provides 24-hour support for all residents.

Hills Spa

With a total floor area of 1,800 m2, the Roppongi Hills Spa has facilities for fitness, swimming, and a variety of spa treatments to support a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Spa users can enjoy beverages and sunbathing on the terrace deck. Starting with breakfast in the lounge, the Spa offers a variety of delicious menu options.

Health Consultation Center

In "Health Consultation Center of Roppongi Hills Residences," doctor and nurse waiting for 24 hours for bilingual provide consultation in cooperation with hospital attached to the Jikei University School of Medicine. From everyday health consultation and slight poor physical condition and injury to emergency, we support relief of living.


Mori Living Smile is a program limited to residents of Mori Living, including residents of Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hills, and Toranomon Hills. Participants in this program receive preferential services at nearly 300 shops and restaurants.

Resident-only events

Roppongi Hills offers movies, art, golf, cooking classes, and Japanese cultural events, as well as a variety of seasonal events.
From time to time, the luxury brands at Roppongi Hills hold fashion shows and receptions for residents only.

Name Roppongi Hills Residences
Construction Residence A: Steel-reinforced concrete and some reinforced concrete
Residence B: CFT (concrete-filled steel tubes)
Residence C: CFT (concrete-filled steel tubes)
Rank Residence A: 6 floors above ground, 2 basement floors
Residence B: 43 floors above ground, 2 basement floors
Residence C: 43 floors above ground, 2 basement floors
Design Conran and Partners (exteriors and common areas of Residences B and C, some apartment interiors and exterior lighting of Residence C, interior signage of Residences A, B, and C, and Roppongi Hills Spa)
Jerde Partnership International (exteriors of shops in Residences A-D)
Construction Residences A and B: Joint project by Toda Corporation and Fujita
Residence C: Joint venture of Shimizu and Seibu Construction
Date completed April 2003
Total number of units 566 houses (Residence ABC total)
Total floor area 149,812 m2 (including Residences A-D, shops, parking facilities, etc.)
Earthquake resistance performance Residence B: Earthquake vibration-control structure
Residence C: Earthquake vibration-control structure
Design supervision Conran and Partners
G2 Design Studio