Please use services for children with children.

新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止のため、サービス提供時間や内容などが変更になる場合がございます。 詳細は各サービスページをご確認ください。

© photo by Ayumi Nakanishi

Break room for parents and children

Supported by BørneLund

You are welcome to use the Family Room to take a break or meet up with others.

  • Hillside B 2 F (near the elevator)
  • 10:00~21:00
  • 03-6406-6000
  • Rest corner, Nursing area (2 sets available), diaper change corner, beverage vending machine, preparation machine, wash basin, children's wash basin, microwave oven, playground equipment etc
  • The Family Room is reserved for families with infants and children up to six years of age (up to age two in the baby area)
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
Baby area (0 to 2 years old available)© photo by Ayumi Nakanishi
Diaper changing area, Baby formula maker,Microwave, Washstand, Children's sink area© photo by Ayumi Nakanishi
Nursing area© photo by Ayumi Nakanishi

Nursing Room

Please use it when breastfeeding. Facilities vary depending on facilities.

  • 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 (Hillside B2F is 10: 00 ~ 21: 00)
  • HILLSIDE B2F (Oyako break room):Nursing area(2 sets), diaper changing table (3 sets), washstand, etc.
    Hillside B1F: breast-feeding corner (2 pairs), diaper change table (2 pairs), wash basin, etc.
    West Walk 5F (single room type): breast feeding (large 2 legs), diaper change stand, baby chair etc.

Baby stroller rental

We provide baby stroller rental services for children aged 1 month to 17 kg.

  • Hillside 2F general information
  • 10:00~19:00(20:00までにご返却ください)
  • When using, please present identification card (driver's license or health insurance card or passport)
  • Strollers will hold up to 2 kg of additional items

Children’s restrooms

A toilet with colorful mosaic tiles as marks. We have a large toilet for children, a urinal for urine, a washbowl for children, and a changeable bed. It is designed for ease of use and safety for children, as well as for parents, so you can use it with confidence. Not only functional aspects, there are plenty of playful gimmicks!

  • Hillside B 2 F (near the elevator)
  • 10:00~21:00

Multipurpose Restrooms

Baby chairs, diaper changing tables, handrails and urinals for boys are available. There is a sign on the door indicating the equipment in the room, so you can check if you have the desired equipment.

  • Each floor
  • Certain multipurpose restrooms do not include a baby seat or child-size urinal.

Coin lockers

Coin lockers are available for storing extra items.

Break areas for parents and children

66プラザ、ヒルサイド B2F、毛利庭園には、親子で休憩していただけるベンチをご用意しています。ぜひご利用ください。

Childcare Center (Kid’s Square)

We have a quality daycare center that parents can trust.

Mori Art Museum Learning

"Learning" is a variety of programs that provide experiences and learning through art. The museum before opening charter, parents and children can watch without hesitation "Family Hour", the work was intended for elementary school students Shops, etc., we are abundantly available in the family program.

  • 03-6406-6101 (Weekdays 11: 00-17: 00, excluding weekends, holidays and New Year's holidays)
  • Please check the Mori Art Museum website (
  • Programs not available at certain times.

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills Mam's Club Theater

The program "Mamazu Club Theater" which enables you to enjoy movies without any hesitation with a small child. We are preparing a fulfilling lineup including topical masterpieces. Even if the baby cries and talks, each other. The theater uses brighter lights and less volume than a typical theater, making it a comfortable space for babies as well.

  • Every Thursday
  • 050-6868-5024
  • Normal fees
  • It may be closed.
  • Only families (parents or guardians with their children) are allowed in the theater.

Sakurazaka Park (Roborobo-En)

  • 6-16-46 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

In the park adjoining Sakura - zaka, colorful complex playground equipment (curve slide, wave slide, tube slide, rotary slide) and bright spring colorful playground equipment line up. Since the ground is a soft, elastic material, it does not hurt even if it fell. Watching robots inspired from Tin toys, they should be excited not only by children but also by adults. Please drop in between shopping and walking.


Mori Building has been promoting community development with local residents for over 60 years since its foundation. “HILLS MACHI-IKU PROJECT” is a program for parents and children that provides children with the future know-how and a wealth of know-how in town planning, and is an opportunity for children to enjoy learning while thinking about the next generation of cities. On the stage of Roppongi Hills and ARK Hills, create a city by implementing programs on the themes of "safety and security", "environment / green" and "culture / art" Provides an opportunity to think. We aim to help you learn about your immediate society and life.

  • 03 - 6406 - 6606 (weekdays 9: 00 ~ 18: 00)
  • Please check the Hills Street Elevation Project website (
  • Grade Grade: Grade 3-6
  • Programs not available at certain times.