Outer-space fish

On July 25, 2003, astronaut Mouri Mori and about 800 foster parents, the Medaka Research Committee of the Universe, released about 10,000 universe medaka in Mouri pond. Space medaka was proffered by Dr. Kenichi Ijiri of the University of Tokyo in 1994 and is an experiment conducted by Chiaki Mukai and others within the Space Shuttle "Colombia", they are descendants of medaka, which was first born in space in the vertebrate.

It is forbidden to release Space Medaka to ordinary rivers or to cross wild medaka. In that respect, this Mohri pond is not connected to the external river, so the release of the universe medaka was possible.

[Photo] Outer-space fish released into the Mohri Pond

Spot-billed duck parents and children

From 2004 onwards, we also come and go to Mouri pond every year. I do not know where they came from, but they are also familiar to the Mouri garden.

On 29th May 2004, the first discovered cargamo on TV. In the meantime, chicks were born from the pair of coarse gulls, and in the short time there were foods from the shed huts set up and entertaining customers, in a short time all family members left the Mohri garden after two months. It is a long-awaited season that the california will come every spring.

[Photo] Chicks born at Mohri Pond in 2004

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