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Saryo Miyasaka

More casual feel of Japanese like head office

"Misaki Miyasaka" which took up the topic by acquiring two Michelin stars in less than a year since opening. The only branch office is " Saryo Miyasaka " here. Mr. Shota Igarashi, serving as the chef, has been supporting her husband Mr. Miyasaka Exorcist from the opening of the head office, so to speak, it is so to speak as a right arm, and as a brother apprentice in a tea kaiseki 's new store in Kyoto, It is. Thinking about season first, carefully selecting the material from the country's production area, the same way as the head office to produce a delicacy by respecting tradition. However, from the feeling that "I would like to enjoy Japanese more easily and cheaply" than the head office, we will offer reasonable number of items for the course. Meanwhile, we serve rice with carefully selected rice, cook it with famous waters in various places, and specialty of head dish specialties are offered exactly at the same store. I want to experience the rich Hours of Japanese cultivated as a culture.

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Daily meals that can be tasted only at the tea ceremony are sea bream chazuke, Matcha, confectionery

Although it is a branch that holds the "tea cottage", in addition to the role as a restaurant as a cooking shop, the tea ceremony room with a tea room that gives tea and a coffee shop that likes it is the original figure. In order to embody such original meaning, " Saryo Miyasaka " offers lunch set to the head office which is only open at night. From the thought of Igarashi chef who says " Japanese the most popular soup", the menu is prepared with sea bream chrysalis that can taste it fully. The fillet of the sea bream is squeezed with sesame, and it is the dimension that pours golden sour juice on rice cooked. In addition to accompanying rice such as crispy Japanese pepper and massage nori, pickles depending on the season also appeared, and even after meal confectionery and green tea are attached. It is expressing the appeal of the tea ceremony which is touched only because it is lunch.

  • Early morning opening
  • Lunch
  • Late night business
  • Child
  • Kids
  • Private room
  • Pets allowed
  • Take-out
  • Non smoking
  • Terrace seats
Category Japanese cuisine · Sushi
Area Roppongi Keyakizaka-dori 3F
Hours ランチ 11:30~14:00(LO 13:00)/ディナー 18:00~23:00(LO 20:00)/水定休

We may change the temporary closure and Hours
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Tel 03-6447-1160
Number of seats 30
Average budget ¥ 15,000 -
HILLS CARD Hills Point Target / Credit Point Target (2%, 3% on Sunday)
Note Private room: 2 rooms (4 seats)