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Suggest a lifestyle Shops As a cotton material Sing We have items for bathing, living goods, aroma, music, and other items that achieve "everyday quality" from bath time to pleasant sleep, focusing on clothes and towels.

  • Monthly Aroma February -February-
    Monthly Aroma February -February-

    The combination of orange sweet and lime gives the vitality to the refreshing sweetness and freshness of spring, while the gentle woody scent of frankincense and cypress supports a deep breathing and autonomic balance. The fragrance of kuromoji is also added, and it is a fragrance that we want to help prepare our mind and body for the new spring.

    5ml blend oil ¥ 2,000 (¥ 2,200 including tax) Aroma spray 100ml ¥ 1,800 (¥ 1,980 including tax)

  • Rich chiffon heart handkerchief
    Rich chiffon heart handkerchief

    This is a high volume, highly water-absorbing towel handkerchief that uses high-quality ultra-long-fiber cotton untwisted yarn (yarn without twist). The fluffy feel of a chiffon cake makes your skin feel comfortable. It absorbs moisture quickly and plenty. When folded into a quarter, it becomes a heart shape. Recommended for gifts.

    Towel handkerchief ¥ 2,800 (tax included ¥ 3,080)

  • Happy Towel®
    Happy Towel®

    A towel with a delicate and soft touch. Excellent water absorption and will remain soft even after repeated washing. It is suggested that the balance of the autonomic nerves is adjusted while using, and it is close to a feeling of happiness.

    Bath towel ¥ 10,000 (tax included ¥ 11,000) Small bath towel ¥ 6,500 (tax included ¥ 7,150) Face towel ¥ 3,500 (tax included ¥ 3,850) Towel handkerchief ¥ 2,200 (tax included ¥ 2,420)

  • Marshmallow gauze dress
    Marshmallow gauze dress

    Marshmallowase with a surprisingly gentle touch. watercolor TOUCH A floral print and a calm color dress. Finished in a simple and relaxed silhouette that does not tighten the body.

    Print dress Size:ladies' M / L ¥ 23,000 (¥ 25,300 including tax)
    Petit slit neck dress Size:ladies' M / L Color: Red / Light gray ¥ 21,000 (tax included ¥ 23,100)


    To the two people who decided to marry. BRIDAL PASSPORT where special treatment service is available. Admission fee is Free. If you have UCHINO TOUCH MEMBER'S CARD, you can join immediately. If the total cost of the purchased product is ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax), you can enjoy shopping at a preferential price (10% discount).

    * some excluded items. For details, please contact the store.

  • BABY PASSPORT service
    BABY PASSPORT service

    BABY PASSPORT is available for preferential treatment of babies and moms only. Admission fee is Free . Those who have UCHINO TOUCH MEMBER'S CARD can join immediately. If the total price of purchased items exceeds ¥ 3,000 (tax excluded), you can enjoy shopping at the preferential price (10% discount).

    * some excluded items. For details, please contact the store.

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