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British lifestyle established a new way of thinking of "fragrance combining ™" (scent superimposition) "that creates your own fragrance, with plenty of luxurious baths & home fragrances that you can use at home and at home. Fragrance brand "Jo Malone London".
In the store's "Tasting Bar ™" you can choose your favorite fragrance and enjoy a variety of aroma combinations suggested by the season. With hand & arm treatments you can enjoy the fragrant body complaint or body & hand lotion you choose and the scent experience superimposed on it on your skin.
In addition, JO MALONE LONDON gifts are selected around the world as bridal, birthday, Christmas, and thanks gifts. A dish selected for a special person from a casual gift. All products are beautifully wrapped in a cream-colored gift box that is an icon of JO MALONE LONDON and handed over to you.

  • Services

    Consultation such as assisting Taylor-Made aroma selection based on "Fragrance Combining ™" (superimposition of fragrance) and styling of the scent of the room is also occasionally carried out. Also, gift proposals that respond to every need, from colon and home candle engraving services to personal gifts to gifts for weddings and businesses are also popular.

  • Just Because
    Just Because

    JO MALONE LONDON wants to cherish the overflowing feeling as it is. Everyone, the moment when the gentle feelings boil up. Even if it is not a birthday, it does not have to be a holiday, not an anniversary. Reasons to make gifts for each person. That is why it is compassionate. To the gift of Just Because, I will attach a card that carves a message with heart. Wrapping is finished with a special ribbon containing patterns and a sticker that attracts eyes.

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