Parking facility services

Parking capacity service list

Electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle charging services

Area Roppongi Hills P2 parking facility
Number of charges 1 quick charger
239 normal chargers
Times 24 hours 365 days
  • Except facility maintenance days

Contact point for information on how to use chargers for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Japan Charge Network Customer Service

Car wash (Car Care Center)

Hand washing car wash, coating · wax etc We are doing. (Chargeable)

Area Roppongi Hills P2 parking facility, B3F
Times 10:00 ~ 19:00
Tel 03-5772-0055

Rental cars

We have compact cars - special vehicles such as fuel-efficient cars, smokers and ETC equipped cars.

Area Roppongi Hills P2 parking facility B2F
Times 8:00~20:00
Tel 03-5786-1623