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Unagidokoro Kurocyodo

Seasonally selected eel of oversized size to taste in the Kansai style ground cooking

Roppongi Hills only unusual eel shop offering in the Kanto region with unusual ground-fired grill. Bake the coffee without steaming, burning it without steaming, the skin is crispy and fragrant, and the body is plump and the taste of the eel can be tasted. Since the taste of the material is transmitted directly, compromise is not allowed for eel election. Here we carefully select natural products from production areas such as Lake Kasumigaura, Hamanako, Kojima Bay, Ise, Hachirogata, Kagoshima, Aichi, Kochi, Tokushima, Shizuoka etc and use only 300 g or more fat loaded large size . The sauce stocked with Mikawa Mirin, a phantom that is not readily available in Tokyo, is exquisite.

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New proposal to enjoy eel. Also recommend a specialty pot

Even the classic stuff such as grilled chicken, white grilled, and mushrooms are available, but rare eel shabu-shabu (dinner reservation required ) is recommended for dinner time. After peeling off and slicing it, let's eel that we exposed to water for a whole day and night and let it taste with two types of ponzu and homemade raw peppers. While refreshed, you can enjoy the taste full of chewing. To tighten up, eel rice dumplings filled with eel in cooked rice. You can taste fine eel in the restaurant which is wrapped in trendy lively by making town style.

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    Delivery & takeout by "menu" started

    Delivery & Takeout App "menuHas started the service. It is convenient to know the completion Hours as you select the order with the application and make a reservation in advance. You can choose to take out for a busy day to take out, delivery if you want to eat without leaving the office or home, and service depending on the situation of the day.

  • Wine list New menu
    Wine list New menu

    Japan wine which made remarkable progress in recent years. Not only Koshu, a state-owned cultivar but also each varieties, produced high-quality things, and received awards at numerous international competitions. Such wineful Japanese wine is excellent with compatibility with eel food. We offer a good combination of Japanese wines to complement the taste of eel cuisine.

    March 10, 2019 (Sun) ~

  • Early morning opening
  • Lunch
  • Late night business
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  • Private room
  • Pets allowed
  • Take-out
  • Non smoking
  • Terrace seats
Category Japanese cuisine · Sushi
Area West Walk 5F
Hours Lunch 11: 00 ~ 15: 00 (LO 14: 00) / Dinner 17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22: 00) / Saturday and Sunday congratulation 11: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22: 00)
Tel 03-3478-5445
Number of seats 22
Average budget ¥ 8,000 - ¥ 10,000
HILLS CARD Hills Point Target / Credit Point Target (2%, 3% on Sunday)
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https://kiwa-group.co.jp/kurochodo_roppongihills/ 外部サイト


Private room: 1 room (10 seats)