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Academy Hills

Located 200 meters above the ground overlooking Tokyo, Academy Hills supports city dwellers with 3 major features. The School offers businesspeople the information they need on the latest trends, skills, and training in seminar format. The members-only Library is where independent individuals can network, exchange information, and innovate. And the Forum has meeting facilities to accommodate international meetings and large business events.


Academy Hills offers educational opportunities to meet a variety of needs, from Roppongi BIZ one-time seminars designed for working people to long-term Global Seminars and Nihon Genki-Juku courses. You can tailor programs to your own style at the Roppongi Art College.


This is a stylish, members-only space that is quite different from a traditional library. Open 7 am to midnight, the Library works with your lifestyle, whether for personal development or business.


Starting with the Tower Hall, there are 10 facilities available at the Forum to accommodate international conferences and large business events. The Forum supports a wide array of business needs, including academic society meetings, seminars, and new product launches.


There is a library with 12,000 items to meet the needs of businesspeople. The selection criteria are designed to collect books that support personal growth, books that foster a richer life, and books that are interesting without being too hard or too easy. A variety of new items are added to the collection every day.

Area Mori Tower, 49th floor

Roppongi Library
7: 00 ~ 24: 00 (community member)
24H (office member)

*Varies based on Academy Hills school events.

Tel 03-6406-6649
URL http://www.academyhills.com/

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