Parks, Walking Courses, and Green Spaces

Roppongi Hills is in the heart of the city, yet surrounded by natural beauty.
Communication through nature starts here among living things, a pleasant environment where one can truly experience the 4 seasons.

Roppongi Sakurazaka

A row of 75 cherry trees borders a tranquil walking path behind the residences.

Sakurazaka Park (Roborobo-En)

There is a walking path on the south side of the residences that is bordered by a row of cherry trees on this sloping street. This quiet and tranquil path will make you forget that you are still in busy Roppongi. You can hear the voices of happy children playing from the adjoining Sakurazaka Park (known as "Robot Park"). In spring, the cherry trees are illuminated to create a fabulous nighttime spectacle that is entirely different from the daytime scene.

Mohri Garden

This is a spacious and classic Japanese garden passed down to today, a relic of a feudal lord's estate in the Edo period. With its ponds and babbling brooks, this is a place to wander and to savor the changing scene throughout the seasons of the year.

Roppongi Keyakizaka-dori Street

Nearly 400 meters in length, Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori is the main street of Roppongi Hills. Enlivened by the colors of flowering plants bred in Tokyo, Keyakizaka Dori is creating a vibrant new neighborhood in Tokyo.

Keyakizaka Complex Rooftop Garden

Extending for 45 meters on the rooftop, the garden evokes the nostalgia of a farm from olden times. This space, which is normally not open to the general public, is a space where members of the Roppongi Hills community can experience farming and other activities.

Four seasons of the rooftop garden

We present to you the rooftop garden as it changes its natural form through the seasons of the year.

Rooftop garden activities

The rooftop garden is used as a stage for a variety of engagements, with the goal of promoting the creation of green spaces in the city and bringing nature closer to the city.