Activity Report 2009

December 17 (Thursday) to December 19 (Saturday) Holding of mobile Tel collection activities

Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association started the first social contribution activity " Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association x cell phone garilla unnecessary mobile Tel collection activity" was held from 12/17 (Thu) until 12/19 (Saturday) .
The number of mobile phones collected during the period is 1,047 units!
Thank you very much for your autonomous membership!
Mobile phones that I kept are punched out one by one, punch out completely, and information leakage is completely shut out.
Revenues from the sale of recovered mobile Tel will be donated to African gorilla protection groups through International Youth Environment NGO "A SEED JAPAN" (Mobile Gorilla).
We will continue to reuse and recycle unnecessary items sleeping in the workplace and home at the self-governing association, so please cooperate again!

December 19 (Saturday) cleanup was held!

Last cleanup of 2009 was held.
It was such a cold as the temperature of 4 degrees on the day but it was held with 141 people participating. Meanwhile, I found a nice cleanup card at reception! It is a collaboration card with Clean up with Starbucks! ! It was a heartwarming moment.
About 10 thousand pieces of PET bottle cap collection that started from last month are gathered only this time, and when converted to polio vaccine cost, it is 12.5 pieces. It is a wonderful thing to be useful as a person with a daily little mind. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Everyone This year, it was really a cheers for good work! ! ! And, please continue your continued support next year.

November 21 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held!

114 participants this month! Though it was the first day of three consecutive holidays, it was a rather small number of participants compared to usual.
And cap collection of plastic bottles that started this month. About the first time to commemorate, about 2,800 people gathered! This is equivalent to 3.5 vaccines. We will continue collecting from the next month, so please do not throw away the caps from your family or work!

October 10 (Saturday) Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Clean Up Held

On Saturday October 10 (Sat), the "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup" was held. Blessed with the weather this year, the Yoda Chairman of the Film Festival and the Takei Minato Ward, also joined the party, with a total of 320 people participating in the cleaning. The amount of garbage collected was about 19 bags (90 liters). I feel the growing awareness of the local people's environmental beautification in the amount of garbage that is decreasing every year.