Activity report 2014

Roppongi Cleanup held on Saturday, December 20

Unfortunately the last activity in 2014 was canceled due to rainy weather (as it was forecast)
Only the annual social gathering was held.

I am disappointed with everyone's participation for a year and also with my colleagues who are regularly cleaning up together,
This social gathering held every year in the desire to deepen friendship slowly.
Speaking of the main event again, it is an announcement of the perfect prize.
This year, 13 people will be eligible and will receive original pin badge.
And Mr. Suzuno who was on the 10th work at a time was awarded a certificate of commendation.
Everyone who took care of everyone, I really appreciate your work. And thanks a year for this year.

Roppongi Cleanup will continue to be happy and safe next year.
Continue, we are waiting for the participation of many of you.

Next time: January 17, 2015 (Saturday)

November 15 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

We held a cleanup in November.
On this day that became the coldest year of this year, 168 people gathered.
It is the highest number of participants at the time of the regular session!

When becoming this number, leaders and sub leaders of each group are serious.
Participants While securing the safety of everyone, they come back to the recycling center well by time ...
Even though I am a volunteer, I am pleasantly undertaking executives.
Thank you, always leaders / sub-leaders!

Well, next month will be early, it will be the last activity of the year.
After the cleaning is over, we will hold a social gathering which became an annual event.
We will also recognize everyone, so if you are a full-time employee, so that you will not catch colds,
And please be careful not to oversleep that day!
We are waiting for everyone's participation.

Next time: December 20 (Saturday)

November 1 (Saturday) Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association holding flea market

As a reuse activity in fiscal 2014, we also held a "flea market" this year.
This is the third time, 25 booths opened. It was held at the largest number of stores ever.

It is rain that is unfortunate on that day. Besides, it was pretty good descents ... but,
The secretariat confirms the presence or absence from the morning The Tel rings,
If you open the lid, customers will line up 2 hours before opening,
In the end it was the first time that the line extended to nearly 200 people.

People are never interrupted throughout the opening hours, and to the goodness of sales beyond imagination,
It seems that there were also people who once returned to the house in order to supplement the store among the store openers.
"It is a good effort to allow new people to use the things I was thinking to throw away,
I got a nice comment!

The shopping fee we received this time (total ¥ 37,500)
The sales proceeds (total ¥ 31,960) donated by some of the store openers were
We are planning to donate to the full peach · persimmon raising party.

Thank you very much for everyone who opened the shop!

October 18 (Saturday) Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Clean Up Held

Before holding the "27th Tokyo International Film Festival" starting from October 23 (Thursday)
Let's clean the town of Roppongi that will be the venue and welcome guests comfortably! Under the objective,
This year "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup" (Host: Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Committee) was held.

Every time in this cleanup, in addition to usual members,
It is also participating from neighborhood neighborhood association, town association, shopping mall,
This year, 391 people, the highest ever, have participated.

In October, there was no worry of the typhoon that came to be followed by the weekend at the end of the week,
It was held with pleasant weather.
The amount of garbage collected by cleaning for about 1 hour is 21 bags of garbage bags of 90 liters.
Thank you everyone who participated.

The next cleanup will be held normally on November 15 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation.

September 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Suddenly it seems to be autumn.
It was a bit chilly, under the cloudy weather which seemed to be raining soon (or, it was first parapara falling),
We held a cleanup in September.
Cleaning up in September of the year is often sweaty, but this year is unusual and chilly weather. In this way it is hard work,
Starbucks offers coffee after each round.
On a cold day HOT . Ice coffee is prepared for hot days, but ...
Today was HOT ! It was an administrative member who talks "It is truly, is not it?" (Laugh)
There are 145 participants. Thank you everyone.

Next month, the activity in October will be held in cooperation with the participation in "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup".
October 18 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ (9: 30 reception start), the start is the same 66 Plaza as usual. Please be careful not to make a mistake.
We are waiting for everyone's participation.

August 16 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Cleaned up in August when it was held in the middle of the Bon Festival. It was very hot, but 131 people gathered.
Even during the summer vacation period, there were many families' participation and it became a lively cleanup more than usual.
(The average age of the reception staff also got rejuvenated w)
Thank you very much for your participation!

Next month will be held on September 20 (Sat).
We are waiting for everyone's participation.

July 19 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Cleanup in July was held during the rain that stopped and stopped just before the rainy season.
Regardless of the weather like this, 142 people gathered together. (Thank you all for the rain!

Since this month, a new member has joined the Environment beautification section of Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association , which manages the cleanup.
(Pictures are not all members.)
We will further increase the power, we will continue to support you, thank you again!

The next time is August 16 (Saturday).
We are waiting for everyone's participation!

June 21 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

During the rainy season, while feeling sultry, I held a cleanup in June.
Actually, it is the first time in three years that it can be held in June. It seems that the rain stoppage rate is still high during the rainy season ...

This time for the first time participants are very numerous, with 165 participants.
It has exceeded 160 people for the first time and has become the largest diary of events ever held!
Thank you for your participation.

Next time cleanup is normally held on July 19 (Saturday)!
It has become a hot season. When you participate, please fully take measures against heat stroke.
We are waiting for everyone's participation!

May 17 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

The fresh green has become a beautiful season. How are you doing?

Well the cleanup of May was held under the pleasantly sunny blue sky (the strong winds are blowing off!)!
There were 139 people who gathered this time. Good work everyone.

And a new member from reception today! !
Actually, I did not have enough of the members of the management team, and I asked the person who had come early to help me in a hurry.
(Mr. Otsu, Mr. Ishii, Mr. Oyama, thank you so much!)

Next time cleanup is normally held on Saturday, June 21!
We are waiting for everyone's participation!

April 20th (Sunday) Roppongi Cleanup Association × Roppongi Cleanup Art Night Special 2014

Clean up in April, let's clean up the city after "Roppongi Art Night 2014" which was held from April 19th to 20th!
It was held for the purpose of collaboration with the party which cleanses Roppongi.

Although it is in the middle of April, in the chilly weather, 170 people gathered at Tokyo Midtown, the starting point.
This time as a special edition, we expanded the area more than usual and carried out cleaning.
Although I think that some people participated after having enjoyed the art night with all night,
Everyone really thanks for your hard work!

Departing Tokyo Midtown, returning to Roppongi Hills , watching artworks exhibited in the streets,
While enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom, I wonder if I could have enjoyed a different way of cleaning up.

Thank you everyone who participated.

Next month will be held normally on Saturday, April 20th.
We are waiting for your participation!

March 15 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Unfortunately it was canceled due to heavy snow in February, cleaning up for the first time in two months.
Although it was already in the middle of March, it was held in a very cold weather where the strong wind blew.
For the participation of 126 people. Everyone was really cheers for good work!

This time, Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association of the 10th anniversary for the DVD Photo: also accompanied crew,
Seriously (?) And shooting the appearance of everyone being cleaned happily.
I am looking forward to the completion of the DVD!

Next month will be held in collaboration with "Roppongi Art Night 2014" (held from 19th to 20th April)
It is Tokyo Midtown collection on April 20 (Sun) from 10: 00 ~ (9: 30 reception start).
(For details, please check Roppongi Cleanup HP.)

We are waiting for everyone's participation!

January 18 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Happy new year.

The first Roppongi Cleanup in 2014 was held at a temperature of 2 degrees ... under the clear cold air of winter-like air.
There are 140 participants.
While doing a New Year 's greetings, we did the first cleaning activity this year. How many people will be the perfect prize in this year from this year ...
Everyone this year for a year, thank you.

Next time is held on February 15 (Saturday).
We are waiting for everyone's participation!