Activity report 2019

November 28 (Thu) "Autumn gathering" held


November 28 (Thursday) “Autumn gathering” was held!

An annual autumn gathering was held at the Roppongi Hills 43F Sky Lounge this year.
The night view from this lounge with a large window is very beautiful and everybody participates in the fun every year.
Starting with the voice of Chairman Tanizawa's toast, the meeting was wrapped in a relaxed atmosphere. I was very happy this time because there were so many people who participated for the first time.
As delicious food and liquor progressed, familiar people and first-time meeters were more and more friendly and everyone enjoyed the conversation with a lovely smile. In the middle of the meeting, a store introduction corner was set up to welcome the people who gathered.

In addition, people from Miyagi Prefecture, who are attending the rooftop garden events this year, also rushed, and for this day, a special product salmon, a new variety of strawberries called Nico Nico Berry, For providing "Masamu". There was a lecture about how to hold rice balls, and there were some foreigners who seemed to eat rice balls themselves and enjoyed Japanese food culture.

The most exciting day was the Janken tournament. Play with the Chairman Mamemura of the Community Subcommittee and cheer every time you win or lose! The last two winners received a rose bouquet as a gift.
Thank you everyone for this year ’s food and food!
This time, many people became interested in Neighborhood Association Activities, making it a more enjoyable and meaningful Hours.

The next meeting will be a New Year party on Wednesday, January 15, next year.
See you again in 2020!

Roppongi Hills Bon dance 2019


Roppongi Hills Summer Festival, Roppongi Hills Bon Dance was held from August 23rd (Friday) to 25th (Sunday).

On the first day, the Roppongi Rakugaku Rakugo, which celebrated its 14th anniversary, was held as the eve of the festival. The weather was unstable in the morning and I was worried about rain, but it went up all the way to the start, and it started with a pleasant night breeze. The last of the wild dance (lap) in even the audience of everyone Performer dance and magic in person, leave the climax of excitement, became the final curtain the growing expectations of the next day's production.

Now, Bon Dance performance. Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association welcomed everyone who came to Roppongi Hills this year at the amusement stand. Many self-governing members and related people rushed to help with the operation and raised the stalls.
At the arena venue, “Yamakiya Yasaka Shrine Sanko Lion Dance” was introduced as a “Japanese performing art” in the Yamakiya area of Kawamata Town, Fukushima Prefecture. With the eyes of many of you, it ’s time for the Bon Dance time. When Roppongi Hills's original "Ropponjin ondo("Roppongi folk dance")" flows, a dance circle is made at once, and the venue gets even more exciting!

On the third day, a light Sendai sparrow dance “Date Dance” was sent to Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. At the original stalls of commercial stores and Keyakizaka Gourmet Street, you can easily enjoy the famous dishes from each Roppongi Hills store, and it was crowded with many people. Roppongi Roppongi Hills Bon Odori 2019 has ended with people from various nationalities gathering around the pass on the last day, and being surrounded by the enthusiasm of the dance.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped the stalls this year!

Roppongi clean up on Sunday, May 26 Art Night Special 2019


Roppongi Art Night Large-scale cleaning once a year, in line with the holding period events. Under the good weather that feels like summer, it was held together with the members of the "Roppongi Cleaning Party". The starting point is Tokyo Midtown. 134 people participated and divided into 5 groups and cleaned up around Roppongi intersection.
Become a goal point Roppongi Hills Arena When you arrive at Art Night One of the main programs of Choi Jeong Hwa Commemoration in front of his work "Fruit Tree"Photo: I did. For all the participants, Art Night A specially crafted hand is handed over and is disbanded.
Thank you for your cooperation in creating a beautiful city again this year!

The next meeting will be on Saturday, June 15th.
Let's clean the city of Roppongi together!

Roppongi Hills Spring Festival 2019


This year's cherry blossoms are still in bloom for three days from April 5 to 7, and it was held while enjoying the snowstorm. In the tent of our residents' association, we welcome everyone with the familiar Captain Kid and ring throw, which are very popular with children.
The Spring Festival is not only for local government members, but also for various people. As a new attempt this year, we have implemented a participatory art project called “Sumugu Project,” which is built with people from Roppongi, with a focus on the regional contribution group. Here is the work of making an instrument Shops It was a good opportunity to deepen the relationship between the members and the guests, including explaining the process of the project.

The open garden on the roof garden, which the local government member guides, is attended by about 400 people in the two days on Saturday and Sunday. I was delighted.

We have been blessed with good weather for all three days, and a great many people, including families and friends, visited Roppongi Hills. I think you had a relaxing spring weekend.
The big events we can see next time is the summer Bon festival dance. I would like to carefully consider what kind of content to use.
Please look forward to it!

January 19 (Saturday) February 16 (Saturday) Roppongi Clean Up


The first cleanup in 2019 was attended by 135 people and in February by 142 people!
We were anxious about severe cold and strong north wind, but it was a pleasant winter sunny weather, and we were able to hold it while enjoying it.

Let's all do your best aim for everyone this year!

Next time is March 16 (Sat).
We are waiting for your participation.

Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2019 New Year's party


Neighborhood Association Activities first events of the New Year is " Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2019 New Year's party."
This year was held on January 16 (Wednesday).
As a big event at the beginning of the year, about 300 people attended the Hollywood Beauty Plaza Hollywood Hall on the day, as well as autonomous members as well as those who were indebted to by the Neighborhood Association Activities everyday. .

We welcomed visitors with welcome wine provided by J-WAVE, Inc. , and after a greeting by Mr. Tanizawa, we started with a special toast of ISHII special counselor.
The characteristic of the New Year's party is that everyone at the store of Roppongi Hills , the same autonomous member, will open a store. Starting with boasting dishes such as snacks set made with Akita's specialty, curry, Schlussko and specialty roast beef, desserts such as cream puff, egg tarts and strawberries, as well as coffee after meals, full-course deluxe cuisine Numerous were offered.
We also opened a newly opened Grand Food Hall and Bricolage Bread & Company that opened last year, so that they will be lost as to what to eat from.
Neighborhood Association Activities It is only when the New Year's party that these shops gather in one place. Many of you greeted with a delicious dish while exchanging New Year 's greetings.

  • Starbucks Coffee, eggcellent , Crème de la Crème , Ibaraki-ichi Market , DIYA INDIAN RESTAURANT , Chinese Golden Tiger, Azabu Hisamori, Mohri Salvatore Cuomo , Barbacoa , Brix Collage Bread & Company, Grand Food Hall

The final stage is an annual lottery. Roppongi Hills Shopping card tv Asahi shop(TV Asahi 1F) Shopping ticket, movie watching ticket and restaurant The winning numbers were read out one after another, such as the use ticket, and the gift was handed over to Mr. Tanizawa and everyone who has been elected from each section chairman.
Lastly, Mr. Nakae vice chairman Mikoto Tanpaku, the 2019 New Year's party opened.
Thank you very much for your participation, thank you for taking time out of your busy midfield. Everyone's autonomous members who helped me prepare the day before and managed the day, thank you for your hard work!

Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association , we will do various activities this year so that people living in the Hills and working people can have a chance to interact. I publish annual calendar in HP, so I hope to participate in many events by all means. New projects are under way, so please expect us too!
Thank you very much in 2019 as well.