Customers can bring their pets with them when they visit Roppongi Hills.

Rules for customers bringing pets with them

We ask that customers comply with the following rules so that everyone can enjoy their time at Roppongi Hills.

  • Please bring a leash, carry bag, or other articles used when you go out with your pet. Please put a leash on your pet or use a carry bag when you are going to enter a Roppongi Hills floor area. We ask owners to take care not to allow their pets to annoy other customers. When you bring your pet with you, please be prepared to use the good manners expected when going out for a walk or excursion with your pet.
  • Please comply with the restrictions on bringing pets into each area, facility, and shop.
    • Inside buildings

      Please carry your pet or use a carry bag, etc.
      (Please do not walk your pet on a leash. )
      [Apples to these areas and facilities] North Tower, Metro Hat, Hollywood Beauty Plaza, West Walk, Keyakizaka Complex, Keyakizaka Terrace, Gate Tower, parking facilities

    • Outside of buildings

      Please enjoy walking with your pet on a leash.
      [Apples to these areas and facilities] Hillside, 66 Plaza, Roppongi Hills Arena, Mohri Garden, Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori, Roppongi Sakurazaka, and other outside areas

    • Shops & Restaurants

      Please ask the staff of each shop whether it is OK to bring your pet in with you or not.

    • office

      Pets are prohibited.
      【Mori Tower】 LL, UL, 1F (C side of carriage), inside security gate
      【Keyakizaka Terrace · Gate Tower】 Inside entrance
      【 NORTH TOWER 】 2nd floor and above

    • Other

      Pets are prohibited.
      [Apples to these areas and facilities] Mori Art Museum, Mori Arts Center Gallery, Tokyo City View, Roppongi Academy Hills, Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, TV Asahi

    • Please do not bring pets into the break area for parents and children or into children’s restrooms.
    • When using a restroom, please be sure to put your pet in a carry bag, etc.
  • P1 has a waiting room for customers with pets when the mechanical system is used. We ask that users with large and medium-sized pets wait in the waiting room for their car to leave the garage. For more information, please see the parking facility information for coming “By car”. We also ask that users with pets check the rules for pets in advance.
  • When using elevators or escalators, please carry your pet or put it in a carry bag.
  • We ask that pet owners be responsible for cleaning up their pet’s urine and waste, etc.
  • Please do not leave your pet unattended by tying it to an object with a leash, etc.
  • Please do not place your pet on chairs or tables that will be used by other people (customers).
  • Please keep your pets out of toilets and sinks, etc. used by people (customers), and do not use these for your pets.
  • We ask that pet owners please accept responsibility for taking care of any broken dishes, damages, or complaints caused by their pets.
  • The facility bears no responsibility for any problems resulting from trouble between pets.
  • Inside Shops & Restaurants, please comply with the rules set by each shop or restaurant.