Children’s restrooms

Children’s restrooms with facilities of sizes and heights that are easy for children to use are provided to help visitors with children.

Area Hillside B2F (before the elevator)
Hours 10:00~21:00
Incidental equipment Boys / girls toilet bowls, hand washing for children, changing clothes
Usage notes and requests
  • Please be careful not to take your eyes off the child. Parents should take responsibility and pay attention to safety.
  • Please observe the following to enable us to use each other comfortably.
    1. Please use it after giving up.
    2. Please discard the garbage in the designated place.
    3. Please use cleanly.
  • Please refrain from smoking.
  • Please refrain from bringing Pets .
  • In the following cases, please contact Mori Tower Disaster Prevention Center (03-6406-6699).
    • When I have found a suspicious article etc.
    • When equipment and fixtures are damaged
    • In case of theft or other accident

We are not responsible for theft, other accidents etc within this facility.