The Rooftop Garden in Spring

In spring, the first signs of the change of the seasons in the garden is the planting of rice seedlings in the paddy field.

April: Seeding of summer vegetables

Although the quantities may be small, there is a magnificent harvest each year from the field. The staples of summer are eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Gardeners take on new challenges each year, like bitter melon and zucchini.

May: Rice planting

Children in the Roppongi district and Roppongi Hills residents and employees have a chance to experience the planting of rice seedlings. Ordinary rice and sticky rice seedlings are planted in the mud, the larger seedlings along with the smaller ones. Rice planting marks the beginning of rice paddy events on the Roppongi Hills rooftop.

Two varieties of rice

We change the variety of rice each year, with harvests of both regular and glutinous (sticky) rice.

· 2003 Koshihikari / Tsukimimichi
· 2004 ancient rice, black rice, brown rice / tsukimi mochi
· 2005 full moon mochi / tsukimi mochi
· Koshihikari in 2006 / Kagura mochi
· 2007 Isehikari / Himenomochi

June through July: Harvest of summer vegetables

Spring, seeded vegetables will harvest. Because of the desire to grow as much as possible, fertilizer uses only organic matter, raised in a state close to pesticide-free, rich in flavor, plenty of sweetness, original fragrant vegetables.