Activity Report 2010

December 18 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

We performed the last cleanup in 2010!
This round of closing the year was held with the participation of 135 people, and it was organized in six groups for the first time in a while.

In addition, this month we will hold a social gathering after the cleaning, with thanks to everyone who is always participating, with feelings of gratitude and labor.
Everyone, deepening friendship with the cleanup companion who does not have the opportunity to speak quite often,
I hope you had a good time.

By the annual announcement of the perfect work award, the greatest number of people won by 15 people.
A cleanup original pin badge was given to everyone who was all taken care of.

In addition, about 95,600 caps of PET bottles, which began collecting from November last year, gathered in one year.
When converted to polio vaccine, it becomes 119.5 pieces.
The thought of each and every one of you guys created such a big success!
Everyone who helped us, thank you very much.
We will continue this effort after next year, so please continue your continued cooperation.

In that! Everyone, thank you very much this year for a year.
Continue to "Roppongi Cleanup" in 2011, thank you!

The next event will be held on Saturday, January 15th.
We are waiting for your participation!

December 15 (Wed) Heisei 20th Health and Beauty Seminar 2010

"The 3rd Health and Beauty Seminar of Heisei 20th" sponsored by health cosmetics group was held.
This theme is "Winter".

Dr. Jenny Ushiyama gave us a story of rice cake and cheese as a cosmetic health food in winter.
It seems that rice cakes are the best food during the cold season when you warm your body from the core, and in addition, in deep - sea dishes with many boiled dishes,
It seems that it is indispensable from the New Year 's menu to arrange the gastrointestinal condition and help digestion.
In the end, using "Genji Monogatari" and "Marie Antoinette" as examples, introducing old makeup and fashion using video,
Marie-Antoinette I gave away my favorite sweets and tea.

Regarding "winter hair care", Dr. Ito gave a lecture on how to brush the cuticle so as not to damage it.
Professor Hyodo and Mr. Shimada continued to do enzyme packaging for the "Winter Skin Care"
I taught you how to care for dry skin.

Every teacher told us a very useful story in the coming winter season and everyone was listening very enthusiastically.

The next event is scheduled for April.
looking forward to!

November 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

Clean up was carried out in the comfortable weather this month as well.
There were 120 people who participated. Thank you very much everyone!

Meanwhile, 10 minutes before the start of the reception, the first thing that came by is the first participant of this time.
"I am going to be beautifully messed up!" He cheered me up enough.

This time photographer is Nakayama of Coca-Cola Customer Marketing, Sub Leader of Group 4.
They cleaned the route to Azabu Juban direction.
As usual there is not much rubbish route, how was this time? What?

After the cleaning was finished, Starbucks Coffee provided you with coffee time by all the participants.
Coffee after tiredness is exceptional again! It was a temporary bliss. Mr. Starbuck, thank you.

The number of PET bottle caps collected this time is about 16,000 pieces.
It is Kitamura Taichi-kun who always participates with my dad that is shown with the cap!

One more time to leave activities this year!
Those who are aiming for a perfect prize, please be careful not to catch a cold.

The opening day of next month is December 18 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation!

October 30 (Sat) Happy! Halloween 2010

"Happy! Halloween 2010" was held again this year.

Despite the unfortunate weather, the families who made various costumes, the students of Hollywood Beauty College,
A lot of people came to Roppongi Hills Arena.

This year, a lot of disguised costumes such as witches and wizards, princesses, angels, pirates, bees, guy bones etc. appeared a lot.

As the typhoon approached, unfortunately the parade was canceled, but memorial photographs at the stage and grabbing of sweets,
Everyone was looking forward to Halloween Park's tricycle and so on.
Brass bands also appeared, while walking around the city, handed out sweets to the people who came along, and it seemed that everyone was delighted with unexpected gifts.

October 23 (Saturday) - 31 (Sunday) The 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival

"The 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival" was held for 9 days from October 23 (Saturday) to 31st (Sun).

At the opening event "Green Carpet" on the 23rd, more than 3,000 spectators came to the road.

Unfortunately the outdoor screening (sponsored by the Minato committee) scheduled on Saturday, 30th (Saturday) was canceled due to stormy weather,
The crowd award ceremony was held at Hills Café & Space.
The prize-winning work is "Sarah's Key".
A prize of 10,000 dollars was handed to Jill Pake-Brennell from Mr. Hara, our president's chairman who is also the chairman of the Minato Committee.

The next day at the award ceremony on Sunday 31st (Sunday), I went to Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix exclusively for the work "My grammar behind my heart".
Tickets gifts given to everyone who participated in the "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup" held on Saturday, October 16,
It was a coffee ticket for this work by chance. I wonder if there are a lot of people who have seen it.
Regrettably this year, if you missed, please look forward to the next year by all means.

October 17 (Sunday) Minato Ward comprehensive disaster drill

We participated in "Minato-ku Comprehensive Disaster Preparedness Training" held at Roppongi Junior High School.

At 9:00 in the morning, everyone in the autonomous group gathered in front of TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONNGI,
Training starts from moving to Roppongi Junior High School that is designated as a reproach place.

In the schoolyard of Roppongi Junior High School there are ladder cars, ambulances, smoke house, fire extinguishers, etc., and the people of each town meeting in the Azabu area where they gathered
I participated in each training.

Explain the smoke house experience and fire extinguishing training, destruction training of the door border wall in the veranda of the apartment, explanation of how to use the chain saw and rock drilling machine,
Everyone enthusiastically participated in a boarding experience of a ladder car.

Finally, it ends with deliciously serving pork soup and cooked rice made with cooking drills.

Everyone in autonomous members who participated, thanks for your hard work.

October 16 (Saturday) Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup

Prior to the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival, starting from October 23, we picked up garbage around Roppongi Hills , the venue,
"Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup" was held to welcome domestic and foreign guests comfortably.
(Sponsor: Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Committee)
Roppongi Cleanup in October was held in a form to cooperate with this.

On the day, there were 295 people gathered at the 66 Plaza.
In addition to usual members, festival faces such as Film Festival Yoda Chairman, Azabu Police Station Chairperson, Azabu Fire Department Chief, Neighborhood Town President etc.

Separated into 10 groups, the total number of garbage collected by the large cleaning by expanding the area was 20 bags (90 L).
After the cleaning was finished, a movie ticket was given to all the participants, everyone was very pleased.

The actual festival is from October 23 (Saturday) to 31st (Sunday). Starting with the 23rd green carpet,
Various events will be deployed, so please enjoy it!

The next cleanup is normally held on Saturday, November 20th.
We are waiting for your participation!

October 15 (Fri) Azabu regional safety · crime prevention parade

"Azabu area safety safety crime prevention parade" sponsored by the Azabu Police Station / Azabu Crime Prevention Association was held.

At the opening ceremony held at the Azabu Inhabitant Center, at the beginning, after a greeting by Azabu Police Department official,
Ms. Hara, the chairperson of the residents' association who is also the president of the Azabu Crime Prevention Association, greeted me.
In the second part, everyone was looking forward to "security conversation" by Samantei Small Poetry Master.

The third part is the "crime prevention parade".
About 200 people gathered at the intersection of Roppongi 5-chome, crime prevention association, neighborhood town association, shopping district people,
Together with the Keio University cheering team and the Metropolitan Police Department, we marched about 600m to the METRO HAT.

After the parade, at 66 Plaza, 'demonstration of counter terrorism by security dog' prepared for APEC to be held in Yokohama in November was held,
Many people in the parade participants and 66 plaza visited the police drill and the demonstration of the arrest of the criminal.

Everyone in autonomous members who participated, thanks for your hard work. Thank you very much.

September 29 (Wed) Heisei 22nd Health and Beauty Seminar

"The 2nd Health and Beauty Seminar of Heisei 20th" sponsored by health cosmetics group was held.
This theme is "Fall".

Dr. Jenny Ushiyama introduced me to autumn fruits to boost immunity, and I cooked Matcha lemon juice.
Dragon fruit, persimmon, chestnut, ginkgo and so on are all high in nutritional value, but overeating is said to be counterproductive as it is good for the body.
Please take care of everyone.

Regarding 'Autumn's Hair Care / Skin Care', skinning was the theme this time.
In Professor Fujisaki and Mr. Yamaguchi's lectures, two pairs each, a scalp massage for hair care,
I taught a relaxing shoulder massage and taught me the importance of communicating through skinship.
Mr. Hyodo, Mr. Shimada and Prof. Suzuki taught me how to massage the hands using body oil.
In the hand is concentrated points in the body, it seems that there is an effect in the body by massaging.
In the end, we had enzyme packs and experienced skin rejuvenation.

It was a lot of content, but everyone was very enthusiastic and focused so as to forget time.

The next event is scheduled for December.
looking forward to!

Sunday September 12 (Sunday), 26 (Sunday) Oshikoshi pick up

This year, there are shrines of the shrine from the 3 shrines of "Hokuto Inari shrine", "Motoazabu Hikawa shrine" and "Tenso shrine"
We have welcomed a total of 8 people and about 1,200 people.

On September 12, the first thing I got before the gate tower was the shrine mikoshi of the hundred Inari Shrine that only puts out the temple once in three years.
This shrine of 500 people in size, I am amazed at its size.
And in the afternoon, Motoazabu Hikawa Shrine 's 6 town association federations passed. It was a very lively passage, with six oshiki shrines connected.

On the 26th, change location and pick up in front of the METRO HAT.
On this day when it felt cheerful in autumn, it was the Oshika shrine's shrine.
It was a climate that felt even chilling, but everyone who was carrying it was lively and full of forceful passing.

In this time, for picking up a shrine, a total of 1,500 rice balls prepared at our residents' association!
In addition to that, we prepared fried food, buns head, drinks etc, but everything was very popular.
I wonder if it was the vitality of everyone who carried them.

Thank you very much for everyone who helped me pick you up.

September 18 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

On September 18th, when the harsh summer heat finally settled down, I did activities under the autumn sky of a cleanup day.

This time, the camera closely adheres to the second group.
Members are United Arrows, Hollywood Co., Ltd. who have stores in the hills, people living in residences,
Nearby Blue Man Japan, etc., and so on.

Together with young children, while interspersed with "Burning trash people ~!" "Can people ~!"
Everyone was picking up garbage in a fun way in a warm atmosphere.

Even if it says that the heat wave is calm, it is hot after all while walking while cleaning!
Waiting for the signal is a shadowing relationship (lol)

This time we took over the photographer is Mr. Oyama of Altair Co., Ltd. who was involved in the second group! (Thank you very much.)

The opening day of next month is October 16 (Saturday).
It will be held in the form of participating in the Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup.
(Details will be updated also on this website.)

We are waiting for your participation!

August 21 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

Holding of August is the middle day of Roppongi Hills Bon Odori.
Although it was relatively cool in the hot weather every day, it was still held in the heat of nearly 30 degrees.
Even during the summer vacation period, there were only 102 people with a small number of participants.

Every time in Roppongi Cleanup, people from the Azabu Police Station also participate in chairpersons, deputy chiefs and many other dormitories,
Besides, police officers wearing uniforms are taking care of themselves so that you can work safely.
Thank you so much for your busy time during the Azabu Juban Festival, Roppongi Hills Bon Dance.

The number of PET bottle caps collected this time is about 8000 pieces. By the cumulative so far it will be about 68000!

The opening day of next month is September 18 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation!

August 20 (Fri) theatrical music Roppongi music

This year "Musical Theater Roppongi Raku" was held on August 20 (Fri) of the Bon Odori Eve festival.

In addition to the 46 dancers of "Okinaku" who practiced repeatedly from July 15 (Thursday) about a month ago,
On the day, 58 people including "Koto", "treasure" and "baby" participated from Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association .
I was blessed with the weather, many visitors came to the arena where I became the venue.

In the end, it was a wonderful performance that everyone in the group could welcome with a smile.

Those who participated, those who took a look at the venue, those who cooperated in various scenes, Thank you very much everyone.
Next year, I will wait for those who would like to participate by next year! !

Roppongi Hills Bon dancing 2010 from Friday, August 20th to Sunday 22nd

Also this year " Roppongi Hills Bon Dance 2010" was done with the same day as " Azabu Juban Nitrogen Festival".

While the heat wave continued, Friday was cooler than expected, and the evening festival "Musical Theater / Roppongi Raku" was enjoyed by many customers.
In the Bon Odori performed on Saturday and Sunday, there is a thick ring which is bigger than usual, gourmet stalls, Mini Live Show , Ryukyu drum performance etc,
It was three days that many people enjoyed from children to elderly people.

Thank you very much for everyone who helped.

August 12 (Thursday) Roppongi music "Omori" practice session report 3

The practice session of the 4th and 5th Roppongi music "Okinaku" was carried out by moving the venue to the gymnasium of Roppongi High School.

The participants' facial expressions are getting more and more serious, as we are closer to the actual production.
We will also self-dictate during breaks between practice and will definitely increase completeness.
On the other hand, people who are excited about a large gymnasium and run around happily.

At the fourth practice session, we also dressed up costumes and practiced musical instruments.
And at the fifth practice session, finally the order of the actual show is announced! !
Utilizing the area of ​​the gymnasium, practice conscious of actual production has also started.

The next practice session will be held at Roppongi Hills Arena from 18: 30 August 18 (Wednesday).
And, the actual turn is from 18:30 on Friday, August 20.

Please come and join us!

August 3 (Tuesday) Bon dancing practice session

Prior to the Bon Odori held on August 21 and 22, we held a practice session for Bon Odori.

I just did a reelection for officers in June and last year I did not practice, so there are a lot of first time ...
It was decided to be held at the Summer Festival Executive Committee, but if you open the lid, there are about 15 participants.
It became a little lonesome practice session.

What I practiced this time is Roppongi Hills's original Bon Odori " Ropponjin ondo("Roppongi folk dance") " and "Dance · which · Dora Doraemon Ondo".

Practiced for about an Hours with a practice video as a model, everyone " Ropponjin ondo("Roppongi folk dance") " somehow master.
The person of "Doraemon Ondo" ... I am looking forward to the production.

Bon dance performance is August 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun).
We are waiting for your participation.

August 2 (Monday) - 15 (Sun) Morning Tai Chi

"Morning Tai Chi" began on August 2 this year.
Since opening Roppongi Hills, we are looking for guidance from "Morning Tai Chi" in the 8th year of this year, this year also the teaching of Makoto Kita.
Despite being on a weekday Monday this year, approximately 480 people participated from the first day.

A morning arena is a shadow and a comfortable wind blows, and a lot of people are participating every morning.

Everyone participating, everyone who is cooperating, every day Thank you very much in the morning.
It is half past the schedule, but there are also many people who work perfectly.
Is not it when I got accustomed to getting up early every morning?
Let 's do it until the last day of August 15.

July 29 (Thursday) Roppongi music "Odoraku" practice session report 2

We held the 2nd and 3rd Roppongi Raku "Sangaku" practice session.

This year is the fifth anniversary of the start of Roppongi music, after the second practice session, surprises celebration cake from teachers!

And a social gathering was held at the third practice session.
We deepened mutual friendship among participants and further strengthened our cohesiveness towards actual production.
This year's theme is "rejuvenate"!

Three practice sessions have ended the movements of the feet and the movement of the hands.
From the next August 5, the exercise hall moves to the gymnasium of Roppongi High School for the movement that imaged the venue.
I cut off one month to the actual number, and the tension of the participants has gradually increased.
It is noteworthy to how much rejuvenation it is with intense dance as it seems!

The actual performance is from 18: 30 to Friday, August 20.
Everyone, thank you for your support at the venue.

July 17 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

July cleanup was held for the first time in 2 months.
On the day when the rainy season of the Kanto region was announced, 118 people gathered in the heat of temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Everyone, while wiping sweat, picked up rubbish happily.
The cold tea after the end was the best!

Because the rainy weather was canceled the previous month, the number of caps gathered this time is about 12,000 pieces. By the cumulative so far it will be about 60,000.
When converting this into money, it corresponds to the cost of about 107 polio vaccines.

Everyone who participated and cooperated, thank you very much!

Even so, the recycling center is also crowded when the number of people is large (lol)

The opening day of next month is August 21 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation!

July 15 (Thursday) Roppongi music "Odoraku" practice session report 1

The practice session of Roppongi music "Odoraku" started again this year!
"Theatrical music Roppongi music" that will be held for the fifth time this time.
This year we have gathered a total of 51 people from people living in Hills, working people, neighboring schools and shopping malls.

Practice the movement of the foot at the first practice session.
After preparing exercises sufficiently, in accordance with the mouth drum of "Dontskotkotsko Doncodon!", Practice slowly and repeatedly,
I will gradually devote my movement to my body.
In spite of the first time, your facial expression is serious. I am looking forward to production from now.

The actual day is August 20th (Friday).
Everyone, please come to the venue by all means!

June 19 (Saturday) Aum Shinrikyo participated in crime victims support campaign flyer delivery activities

I participated in the flyer distribution activity of "Aum Shinrikyo Crime Victim Support Campaign" by the Metropolitan Police Department.

Despite Saturday morning, 14 people gathered from our residents association.
From Azabu Police Department, Tenjya and other ten people participated and handed out flyers before Roppongi Station ticket gate.
I have PR campaign.

Everyone who helped us, thanks for your hard work!

June 8 (Tue) Held first health cosmetic seminar in Heisei 20

"Heisei 22nd Health and Beauty Seminar 2010" sponsored by health cosmetics group was held.

Professor Jenny Ushiyama introduced the summer fruits that are effective for the mind and body,
Also, I got "Juice of watermelons and grapes" perfect for this season.
Watermelon contains plenty of natural moisture, it has a diuretic effect, grapes seems to be effective in recovering physical strength.

About 'summer skincare', Professor Araki senesces skin by ultraviolet rays, how to prevent ultraviolet rays,
There was a story about how to deal with it after taking a bath, I taught the point that improves blood circulation and promotes metabolism.
It seems to be a pot with an effect for those who care about the sagging or fine lines on the eyes.

About "summer hair care", Dr. Fujisaki talked about the influence of ultraviolet rays and how to choose shampoo and rinse.

Every teacher will tell me a very useful story from now on to summer,
Everyone participants listened very enthusiastically.

The next event is scheduled for September.
looking forward to!

May 15 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

Unfortunately this rainy weather was canceled in April.
Continuous holding record lasting 18 months also stop here.

My heart The newly held cleanup of this month was held with the gathering of 115 people under the refreshing fine weather of May.
Because I was the first activity in the new year, I think that there were also many people who participated for the first time.
As for the cap, it was collected for the first time in 3 months, so we brought it all over in a big bag, and the number collected, about 20,000! !
It is exactly that "Dust also pile up".

The opening day of next month is June 19 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation!

March 28 (Sun) Clean up Roppongi × Roppongi Cleanup Art Night Special 2010

Clean-up in March, following the opening of "Roppongi Art Night 2010" for the second time this year,
Following last year, it was held by tie-up with the party that cleansed Roppongi.
On Sunday morning, 165 people gathered at Tokyo Midtown.
Some people had participated since enjoying the art night with all night! What?

At the beginning, Mr. Minagawa, the chairperson of the meeting to clean it, Prime Self-Governing Chairman from Roppongi Cleanup,
After receiving a greetings from Mr. Tadashi Hirao, Azabu Police Department, who participated this time,
Each group extended to the city of Roppongi where the art knight still remains.
At the end, I took a commemorative photo with Beppu Takeshi's artwork "Before and Flower" and finished cleaning.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the meeting to clean Roppongi,
Thank you very much for everyone of the Art Night Executive Committee, Roppongi Cleanup!

Next time is normally held on April 17 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation!

March 26 (Friday) - 28 (Sun) Roppongi Hills Spring Festival held

The last weekend in March, this year the cherry blossoms are at their best, almost the same time, " Roppongi Hills Spring Festival" was held.
The first day and the last day were held in the cold left, but we came to a large number of customers, gourmet stalls, the annual open garden (rooftop garden), various performances such as everyone love cherry blossoms enjoying It was rare.
On the 27th (Saturday), "Roppongi Art Night 2010" was held on the same day, and the stalls opened until 22 o'clock are crowded until the very end!
A row of long lines was able to be formed also at the play stall which was opened by members of the executing committee.

Thank you very much for everyone who helped us for three days.

Wednesday, March 17 (Wednesday) Holding a Traffic Safety Meeting

Prior to the nationwide traffic safety campaign in spring 2010, "Traffic safety tidies" sponsored by the Azabu Traffic Safety Association,
It was held at Roppongi Hills Arena.
Nearly 500 people who gathered in the content of live, traffic safety talk show and plenty of Enoka singer Jero's appearance, after the spectacular opening in the performance of the brass band of Namyama Elementary School, were enjoyed to the end It was.

Wednesday, March 17 (Wednesday) Holding a Traffic Safety Meeting

Prior to the nationwide traffic safety campaign in spring 2010, "Traffic safety tidies" sponsored by the Azabu Traffic Safety Association,
It was held at Roppongi Hills Arena.
After a spectacular opening in the performance of the brass band of Namsan Elementary School, Live Enjoyed by Enka singer Jero and Traffic Safety Talk Show
To the full content, nearly 500 people all gathered were enjoyed until the end.

3rd Health and Beauty Seminar held on Tuesday, March 2

"The 3rd Health and Beauty Seminar" organized by the health cosmetics group was held.
This theme is "spring".

Professor Jenny Ushiyama introduced meals with foods with high detoxifying effect and introduced pomegranate juice recommended in spring.
Pomegranate contains ingredients that improve the balance of female hormones,
It looks very good on your skin! Cranberries also have similar effects. Please try by all means.

And Professor Ito talked about how to cope with your skin troubles, such as spots, fine lines, etc., requested by participants,
I taught about the correct washing face method including practice.
The point of washing your face is "bubbles". Participants also enjoyed practicing how to whip well using the net.

From Mr. Minami, who is in charge of hair, after talking about the previous review, I taught about practical hairstyle, including practice.
With a little technique, you can change the image!

Next time is scheduled for around June.
Hope to see you all!

February 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

Cleaning up this month was as cold as ever, but under winter fine, 120 people gathered and it was held.
My child who returned from the cleaning said, "I saw it! I was picking up" and said the marbles with soil attached.
He told me happyly, "I will make it a treasure!"
Is this also a reuse? What? What?
Garbage if thrown away. On the other hand, some people value it.
It may be familiar to me unexpectedly how to utilize unnecessary things well.

The cap of PET bottle that we collected this time is about 8000 pieces.

The next meeting will be on March 28th (Sunday). It will be after Roppongi Art Night is over.
Everyone, please be careful not to make a mistake! (Details will be uploaded to the homepage at a later date.)

February 3 (Wed) Held a bean maki-kai

On the day of Setsubun, "a demon is outside ~!, Fukuhara is inside!", The children's calls sounded in the arena.
84 participants participated in this year's bean maki-kai held in the Otako Rest room, centering on families with small children who took a baby stroller.
Inside, a child who starts crying at the costume's ogre (laugh).
It would be nice to have a lot of Happy visits to Roppongi Hills with everyone you attended.

January 21 (Thu) Second Health and Beauty Seminar held

"The 2nd Health and Beauty Seminar" organized by the health cosmetics group was held.
This theme is "Winter".
We told the teachers, including Jenny Ushiyama, principal of Hollywood Beauty College, for an hour and a half, including a good seasonal dish, a winter skin care method, a hair care method when consumed in this season .
In the seminar, while drinking the seasonal juice "Pineapple Juice", experience the eye refreshing massage and packing method.
21 people including participation from the commercial store had been heard stories with a serious look everyday.
Spring is coming next time. looking forward to!

January 20 (Wed) Holding Minato City drug abuse prevention campaign

"Minato Ward drug abuse prevention campaign" sponsored by Minato-ku and the Azabu Police Station etc. was held on Wednesday, January 20, with the aim of creating a safe and secure city without drugs. The content is composed of two parts, a meeting and a parade. More than 20 autonomous members participated and appealed "NO! DRUG MINATO" in the parade.

January 19 (Tue) Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2010 New Year's party held

New Year's party where autonomous members exchange greetings of New Year. It was a lively exhibition while watching the night view at Academy Hills 40.
This year, as a new project, several restaurants in Hills expand their booths. This is very popular among participants!
In the lottery aiming for even attractive prizes, the venue will be exciting. It was a new year start of the residents association, full of smiles and laughter.
Thank you very much for your cooperation during the event!

January 16 (Saturday) Roppongi Cleanup

Cleaning up in 2010 was the beginning of the extreme cold.
To cold weather, move reception to windless place ...
Among them, even 100 people participated! Starbucks coffee after the end was really delicious.
Everyone who joined us, thanks for your hard work.

The number of caps that could be recovered this time is about 3,500. Converted to the cost of polio vaccine, it becomes 4.3 pieces.
Continue, thank you for your cooperation.

January 15 (Friday) Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training held

The annual Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training.
Approximately 500 people including residents, shop staff, TV Asahi , core workers, office workers and neighborhood towns were held during cold wind blowing.
The training content includes 10 types of fire extinguishers and AED operations, seismic vehicles and smoke experiencing houses.
As the Haiti earthquake occurred several days ago, the participants' facial expressions were serious.